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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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What Makes Our Adoption Agency Unique?


What makes an adoption agency special? Is it how big they are? Is it how many adoptions they complete each year? Or is it something else?

American Adoptions believes what makes an adoption agency special is the genuine care they have for their clients. This comes in the form of emotional support, financial responsibility, honesty, a commitment to your family, and a promise of completing your adoption goals in a timely manner.

We believe these characteristics define us and what separates us from other adoption agencies, all of which are found in our:

Short and Accurate Wait Times

To help children find safe, permanent homes and to help grow more families through adoption, one of our biggest priorities is promoting the benefits of adoption to women wavering between adoption, abortion and parenting.

Through our marketing and networking efforts, most of our adoptive families first hold their babies between 1 to 12 months after joining our agency.

Financial Protection Program

We understand how much of a commitment adoption is on a family, both emotionally and financially. Many of our families have saved up for months or even years to grow their families through adoption, and losing these funds due to a failed adoption could drastically affect their dreams of becoming parents.

It is inevitable that a small percentage of women pursuing adoption change their minds and decide to parent, leaving these families emotionally disappointed, and with some agencies, financially devastated. But not with American Adoptions.

American Adoptions’ Risk-Sharing Program refunds any moneys you’ve invested into the adoption, such as living expenses, medical expenses, termination expenses and agency fees, giving you another chance of adding a child to your family. The great thing about this program is we do not automatically roll over the money into another adoption; we return the money directly back to you so you can decide your next step.

24/7 Birth Mother Support

The wellbeing and safety of the birth mother and the health of the baby is our biggest concern in any adoption. For that reason, our staff is available 24/7 to women inquiring about our agency and to women who are already working with our agency.

Women contact our agency at all times throughout the morning, day and night, and being able to talk to someone instead of receiving an answering machine is often the difference of them choosing our agency over another. Our Adoption Specialists are always available to talk to a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy about the benefits of adoption, or to help a woman questioning her adoption decision remember why she chose adoption in the first place.

Adoptive Family Video Profiles 

American Adoptions is currently the only adoption agency whose adoptive families each have their own Adoptive Family Video Profile. These videos fill in the gaps that print profiles simply can’t communicate, such as the family’s personalities and desire to become parents through adoption. Through research and communication with birth mothers, we have learned that these videos are one of the reasons they chose to work with American Adoptions.


American Adoptions completes 300 domestic adoption on average per year for adoptive parents, whether they are starting or continuing to add to their families.

To learn more about American Adoptions, please spend some time reading through the many helpful articles on our website. You may also call us at any time at 1-800-ADOPTION, or click the following to receive adoption information.

And if you are ready to get started, join American Adoptions today.

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