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Mayur & Leigh

How do we introduce ourselves in a few short words? What if Mayur starts to ramble like he does with his storytelling? Or Leigh starts to repeat herself like she does when she is nervous? Then we take a deep breath! We want to share with you an honest glimpse into our hearts and hope it will speak directly to yours. So here goes!

About Us

Football Coach
Education Director
Bachelor's Degree in English
Bachelor's Degree in Sociology
Legally Married

Cultural Diversity

An Indian Celebration

One of our greatest shared values is diversity. We would take very seriously the responsibility to help your child embrace and celebrate their racial and cultural heritage. This includes ensuring a child has many meaningful relationships and a sense of community with people who share their identity. Luckily, we have a wonderfully diverse circle of friends to help us do that and desire to continue to grow our circle. Rather than being “colorblind” we often look around at friends and their kids and feel grateful for the differences.

We look forward to exposing a child to Mayur’s Indian culture and a big world of diversity. Leigh lived in India for a time before she met Mayur. Her work in international education took her around the world where she worked alongside people from a range of cultures. Mayur grew up the son of immigrant parents. He spoke Marathi at home and English in school, and he visited extended family in India every summer for months at a time. His childhood blended Indian and American cultures, and to this day, he fully embraces both. He understands how important culture and cultural identity are for children and is especially sensitive to prejudices and stereotypes that a child of color may face, just as he has.

Our Leisure Time

In our leisure time, we like to travel and experience new things. We've seen Broadway shows in New York, visited Yosemite National Park, spotted koalas in Australia, and surfed in Hawaii. We also love hosting gatherings for family and friends. The annual pumpkin carving contest for Mayur’s players is always great fun and fierce competition! Our friends and family also look forward to our Christmas party and especially our tradition of providing a range of festive Christmas socks for guests to pick out and wear. We like to have people over for chili in the Fall or BBQ in the summer. Leigh likes to experiment with exotic new recipes. Mayur assumes grill duty and spends time perfecting his marinades and smoking techniques. He is also famous with family and friends for his fried Thanksgiving turkey every year! But we also enjoy just spending time together doing simple things like taking our dog to the park or settling in to watch a movie with a bowl of popcorn.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

Hawaii is Our Happy Place

Hawaii is a place that is special to both of us. It’s really more of a home-away-from-home than just a vacation spot. We got married in Hawaii and lived there for some time as well. There is so much about Hawaii that we love and look forward to sharing with a child. There is the beauty, of course, but we also appreciate the mix of Asian and Polynesian influences and warm “aloha” spirit of the people. On vacations back to Hawaii, we like to catch up with old friends. We always plan for a drive around the island with stops at our favorite shrimp trucks and for shave ice. We love to spend a day at Lanikai Beach where the water is warm and so clear that you can see your toes! Mayur would like to teach a child to surf and we both like to paddleboard. We will also introduce a child to our favorite spots for hikes to waterfalls and for watching humpback whales.



Exploring Yosemite
Exploring Yosemite
On a Drive Up the California Coast
On a Drive Up the California Coast
Making Cupcakes with Our Niece and Nephew
Making Cupcakes with Our Niece and Nephew
Silly Uncle Mayur
Silly Uncle Mayur
Post Marathon Celebration
Post Marathon Celebration
So Happy Together
So Happy Together
Pumpkin Carving Contest with the Team
Pumpkin Carving Contest with the Team
Paddleboarding with Our Dog, Norman
Paddleboarding with Our Dog, Norman
Our Sweet Norman
Our Sweet Norman
Leigh in a Classroom in India
Leigh in a Classroom in India
Hiking in Hawaii
Hiking in Hawaii
Biking Around a New City
Biking Around a New City
1 / 12
Exploring Yosemite
Exploring Yosemite
2 / 12
On a Drive Up the California Coast
On a Drive Up the California Coast
3 / 12
Making Cupcakes with Our Niece and Nephew
Making Cupcakes with Our Niece and Nephew
4 / 12
Silly Uncle Mayur
Silly Uncle Mayur
5 / 12
Post Marathon Celebration
Post Marathon Celebration
6 / 12
So Happy Together
So Happy Together
7 / 12
Pumpkin Carving Contest with the Team
Pumpkin Carving Contest with the Team
8 / 12
Paddleboarding with Our Dog, Norman
Paddleboarding with Our Dog, Norman
9 / 12
Our Sweet Norman
Our Sweet Norman
10 / 12
Leigh in a Classroom in India
Leigh in a Classroom in India
11 / 12
Hiking in Hawaii
Hiking in Hawaii
12 / 12
Biking Around a New City
Biking Around a New City

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Our wonderful little neighborhood is built around a large community park. Our neighbors are diverse and friendly. We love hearing squeals from the park from kids cooling off in the splash pad or playing soccer. The park is buzzing with Friday night Food Trucks, Saturday morning Farmer’s Market, and lots of other events for kids and families. We often pack a picnic and walk our dog over to enjoy movies in the park, music concerts, and festivals. Just recently there was a theater production of Aladdin for kids!

We have a three-bedroom home with a family room and big porch where we like to sit and relax at the end of the day. We also have an office that doubles as Leigh’s art and crafts room and is stocked with paint and canvas, yarn, felt, glitter and more. A child’s dream! There is also a bedroom waiting for a child and already filled with books we can’t wait to read together each night.

Our Neighborhood Splash Pad

From our house, it’s just a two-minute walk in one direction to the park and a greenway walking trail in the other. The eleven-mile trail through wetlands and forests is filled with families riding bikes, moms pushing strollers, and even the occasional box turtle crossing the path. In addition to having some of the best public schools in the state, our town is often voted a great place to live in different polls, including one of the nation's 10 Best Towns for Families by Family Circle.

Our Extended Families

Family Cookie Decorating Contest

We are not the only ones waiting for a child. Our extended family have been waiting too! We’re blessed with very close family on both sides who are beyond excited for a little one. Our parents are exceedingly patient, adoring, and incredibly involved with their grandchildren.

Holidays are big in Leigh’s family. She and her niece decorate holiday cupcakes together. Their Halloween owls were especially festive! Her whole family also participates in an annual Christmas cookie-decorating contest. For the recent Fourth of July, Leigh organized a family tubing trip down a local river followed by BBQ, games and sprinklers!

With Mayur's Family

Mayur is favorite “Uncle Mayur” not only to our nieces and nephews but all of our friends’ kids. He is the fun uncle that makes up silly songs and tall tales, builds elaborate forts of blankets, and wrestles for hours on the floor. Mayur’s mother is famous with friends and family for her delicious Indian cooking, so a lot of family time revolves around big meals and lively conversation at her kitchen table.

Finally, because Mayur is a football coach, a lot of our family time also involves tailgates, practices and football games. Mayur’s players become like family too, so your child will have many big brothers!

From Us to You

We cannot imagine the emotions you must feel as you read this letter. We know it takes unspeakable strength and true love for your child to consider adoption. If you select us to adopt your child, we will be sure that he or she is regularly reminded of your love, of the selfless choice that it led you to make, and of our deepest gratitude for that choice.

We have experienced our own emotions on a very long journey to parenthood. For nearly seven years, we tried, cried, and prayed for a child while enduring multiple miscarriages and failed fertility treatments. We made the decision to adopt without hesitation. Both of us have spent our professional lives in service of other peoples’ children. In our day-to-day work with children and young people, we’ve worked with full hearts to ensure that other people’s sons and daughters have all that we would want for our own. And then it clicked for us in such a profound way! This is not just the purpose of our work, this is the purpose of our lives. This fact sustains us now through our anxious wait. We hope it might bring some comfort to you as well. We have no greater purpose in our lives than to love and adore your child.

We’ve been happily married for seven years and live together with our dog, Norman. There is plenty of green space for a child to run and throw the ball to Norman. Inside our home, it’s not uncommon for spontaneous dance parties to break out in the kitchen. Mayur is often found in the living room wrestling with our nieces and nephews or building a fort of blankets for our friends’ children. Leigh can often be found decorating holiday cupcakes with them in the kitchen or working on some creative art project in the art room. We would like to do all of these things together with your child.

Our life in sports is unique. With Mayur’s role as an assistant coach, we spend a lot of time at tailgates, practices and games. Imagine your child with a whole team of big brothers! We love the sound of our home filled with their boisterous laughter. One of our greatest shared pleasures is entertaining them, and all of our families and friends, for summer BBQs, our annual cookie decorating or pumpkin-carving contests, or just a simple dinner and good conversation. We are very lucky to have family and friends that surround us with encouragement and support. They are beyond excited to do the same for a little one!

But what would we share about you? We can make a promise that your child will grow up hearing a very loving story of their adoption. They will always know their happiness and health is not only our priority, but yours as well. And we will ensure you watch your baby grow into a happy, healthy child through regular letters and pictures. We also assure you we will take seriously the responsibility to help a child embrace and celebrate their racial and cultural heritage. We have a wonderfully diverse circle of friends and family to help us ensure that, and we will continue to actively grow our circle so that your child is surrounded by both many people that mirror their identity as well as people of many different backgrounds that don’t. All of whom will love your child.

We would be honored if you chose us for your child, but even if you don’t, we wish you peace in whatever decision you make and blessings of joy as you will bless others. We send prayers to you and your sweet baby.


Mayur & Leigh


Denzel Washington
Idris Elba
Amy Adams
Sarah Lancashire
Water Buffalo
Ernest Hemingway
Jhumpa Lahiri
The Sun Also Rises
Their Eyes Were Watching God
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Reese's Cup
Childhood Memory
Working on cars with dad
Catching fireflies at my grandmothers
Childhood Toy
Nerf Football
Children's Book
The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss
The Giving Tree
New York
New York
Classic Movie
It's a Wonderful Life
Shawshank Redemption
Day of Week
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Red Velvet Cake
Disney Movie
The Jungle Book (Original Animated Movie)
101 Dalmatians
Dream Car
1965 Chevy Truck
Some futuristic time travel car
Dream Job
My current job!
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Cooking together
Flower / Plant
Indian (especially Puran Puri)
Form of Exercise
Biking/Lifting Weights/Running
Hot yoga
Trivial Pursuit
Listening to Music
Fourth of July
Holiday Song
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
Last Christmas (Wham)
Holiday Tradition
Christmas socks
Christmas socks
Ice Cream
Chocolate chip
Pralines & Cream
Junk Food
Oreo cookies
French fries
Leisure Activity
Watching movies
Watching movies
Time Magazine
Memory with a Child
Teaching my nephew to ride his bike
Decorating cupcakes with my niece
Memory with Spouse
Our first home
Our trip to Bali
Dances With Wolves
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary. (Dead Poets Society)
Movie Type
Les Miserables
Musical Group
Otis Redding
Nursery Rhyme
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
The Wheels on the Bus
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My grandfather
Barak Obama
TS Eliot
Quality about my Spouse
Her generosity
His playfulness
The tougher it gets, the better I get.
The Old Spaghetti Factory
Buffalo Wild Wings
Grilled cheese
Grilled cheese with grilled onions
Shopping Store
These Arms of Mine
Anything by John Legend!
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Walter Payton
Sports Team
Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta Falcons
Subject in School
Foreign Language
Thing to Cook
Anything on the grill
Time of Day
Early Morning
Thanksgiving fried turkey
Cooking decorating contest
TV Show
Gilligan's Island
TV Show Character
Gilligan from Gilligan's Island
All of them on Orange is the New Black
Type of Music
Vacation Spot

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