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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Andrew & Mary

We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into our fun and loving family life. It would be such a wonderful blessing to us and our two imaginative, caring boys to welcome another child into our hearts. We can't wait to grow together as a family and have even more laughter, love, and happiness in our home. May you be blessed with peace, and may you find the loving family you seek.

About Us

Software Architect
Education Entrepreneur
Computer Science Diploma
Master's Degree in Computer Science
Myles, Tyler
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Beautiful Day at Our Local Pier

We fill our leisure time with fun, happiness, and laughter. Our days are rich with experiences for our children so they can appreciate the world around them.

While we love all our international trips, you can also find us busy traveling around our local community, including hitting the beach at our local lake, feeding goats at nearby farms, or going to seasonal festivals. Other times, we trek out in search of jousting knights or head up to the mountains to enjoy some outdoor activities. Last weekend we had museum day where we visited the wacky Dr. Seuss museum, dinosaur world, and a trolley museum. We keep some spontaneity in our excursions, such as setting off on a road trip for the weekend if the weather looks good somewhere. Whatever the chosen activity, we ensure it is enriching, educational, and entertaining.

Living in New England, we are lucky to have activities for each season, including building snowmen in the winter and paddle boating in the summer. If the weather’s bad that doesn’t stop us from finding things to enjoy. We may splash in puddles, build forts out of cardboard boxes, do arts & crafts, pick out new library books, and perform in made up plays. (Despite limited talent, it’s still a blast!) Finally, we love cuddling and reading stories, hanging out with family and friends, and trying out new recipes at dinner parties.

How We Met

It was Mary’s laughter that first caught Andy’s attention. Over 8 years ago, an educational software company was expanding its operations in Dublin, Ireland. Andy decided to move from his home country of England to work as an engineer making science games for elementary students. At the same time, Mary went over from the US to work there managing the research and development of new educational products. As luck would have it, our desks were right next to each other. Mary made her team bring her jokes to start off the meetings, which she shared with Andy. We quickly bonded over lots of laughs and we spent the next couple of years in Ireland exploring castles, running through the green hills in the rain, and seeing lots of sheep. Then, we worked in England and hung out with nieces and nephews. Finally, we decided to settle in the US, where Mary was excited to be able to drive on the right side of the road.

Our Boys, Myles & Tyler

Our Sweet Boys

We’ve been blessed with two funny and loving boys. Tyler, who just turned three, is a hilarious, energetic, and lively chatterbox, who is an excellent imitator of his brother. Even though he is extremely active, he also loves snuggling up on the couch to enjoy a good book, or five.

Myles is a very curious four-year-old. He has quick wits, loves to talk, and has an active imagination. You’ll often find him putting on costumes to perform a show, building legos, or making up new rules for after-dinner family games.

Not only do the two of them play together amazingly well, building castles, acting as knights, and making up new dance moves, they also love to play with others. A highlight for them is visiting with their cousins and friends. It’s inspiring to see how sweet they are with friends’ babies, especially Myles who always asks, “Why are there still just two kids? When are there going to be more?”



Beautiful Italian Coast
Beautiful Italian Coast
Arms Full of Love
Arms Full of Love
Beep, Beep!
Beep, Beep!
Date Night
Date Night
We're So Tiny!
We're So Tiny!
Bubble Fun
Bubble Fun
Family Trip to the Dr. Seuss Museum
Family Trip to the Dr. Seuss Museum
Berry Picking with the Boys
Berry Picking with the Boys
Snow Fun
Snow Fun
Posing with the Statues
Posing with the Statues
On Our Way Up in a Hot Air Balloon
On Our Way Up in a Hot Air Balloon
Playing in the Park
Playing in the Park
1 / 12
Beautiful Italian Coast
Beautiful Italian Coast
2 / 12
Arms Full of Love
Arms Full of Love
3 / 12
Beep, Beep!
Beep, Beep!
4 / 12
Date Night
Date Night
5 / 12
We're So Tiny!
We're So Tiny!
6 / 12
Bubble Fun
Bubble Fun
7 / 12
Family Trip to the Dr. Seuss Museum
Family Trip to the Dr. Seuss Museum
8 / 12
Berry Picking with the Boys
Berry Picking with the Boys
9 / 12
Snow Fun
Snow Fun
10 / 12
Posing with the Statues
Posing with the Statues
11 / 12
On Our Way Up in a Hot Air Balloon
On Our Way Up in a Hot Air Balloon
12 / 12
Playing in the Park
Playing in the Park

Our Extended Families

With Andy's Family in Italy

We are blessed with an extremely close-knit, rather funny, and adventurous extended family. About twice a year, there is an international trip with Andy’s side of the family. This past summer, the 18 of us spent 10 days staying in a large villa in Italy together. The cousins enjoyed swimming together, performing made up plays, learning to make pasta, eating gelato, and just hanging out. The entire family spent days exploring Italian cities and nights playing games such as Who’s in the Bag, a silly variation of charades. We don’t really notice the distance between the family, as we stay in touch with frequent Skype chats and visits, but there is something special about the times when we can all get together.

British Cousins

Mary’s side of the family is mostly in the New England area, which means lots of visits and trips with relatives. Just this summer, we enjoyed listening to an outdoor music concert, being amazed at the circus, running around museums, celebrating birthdays, eating many meals (our family likes food), climbing in playgrounds, playing and singing music, attending weddings, going to fairs, and otherwise just enjoying special time with each other.

All of the extended family is beyond excited with our plans for welcoming a child to join in the fun and laughter!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a spacious home in a wonderful, family-oriented neighborhood in Massachusetts. Our home is walking distance to excellent schools, multiple playgrounds, ponds, walking paths, and coffee shops. The best part is that just down the street is our town beach on a big lake where the children love to build sand castles while watching the boats.

With such an active family and very flexible work schedules, we are lucky that our area has so many family-centered adventures to offer. You will find us feeding animals at the local farm, apple picking in the fall, going to strawberry festivals, checking out the latest exhibits at the various children’s museums, reading books at the local library, taking the train to Boston to attend cultural events, jumping around at the indoor play centers, or just eating at the local farmer’s markets.

The Local Children's Museum

When we are home, most of our time is spent in the backyard with the boys playing on the swing set or in the sand box while we barbecue or entertain family and friends. Our favorite room inside is definitely our comfy basement playroom where the children build lego structures, read books, make forts, solve puzzles, play with train sets, or dance. Otherwise, we will be busy doing arts and crafts, cooking, or acting out a play in our large living room. We are blessed to have such a perfect place to live and raise a family.

From Us to You

It’s so nice to ‘meet’ you! We can’t wait to share with you the stories, adventures, maybe even a few shenanigans, and other excitement that our family gets into. We hope that our profile allows you to see that being parents is the greatest blessing we have ever been given, and we are truly looking forward to watching all our children experience the love, joy, and laughter in our home together.

One thing you will notice about us is that we love to travel. Eight years ago we met in Dublin, Ireland, having both moved there for work. Mary moved over from the US, and Andy left his home in England, both in search of leprechauns and their pot of gold. We didn’t find that, but we did find each other. We instantly made each other laugh, and we became soul mates, best friends, and then husband and wife.

We started the adoption process before being blessed with two hilarious kids, Myles and Tyler. With them, our days are filled with silliness, curiosity, learning, patience, and spontaneity. As we can’t have any additional biological children, we are excitedly going back to our original plan of expanding our family via adoption.

A bigger family means more festive gatherings, more kids to participate in our Christmas nativity performance, and more chance someone will laugh at our jokes. Your child will never have a shortage of siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, or friends to be there for them in good times, and in bad. They will benefit from our parenting experience and two older brothers to watch over them, dote on them, and share a lifelong bond with.

We have settled into a wonderful, family-oriented suburb outside of Boston. There’s much exploration for us to do locally, with a gorgeous beach within walking distance of our house, as well as multiple playgrounds and swimming pools. We chose the town for its top-rated schools to ensure that we can give our children the best education we can provide, and also because of the strong, diverse community filled with museums, parks, and cultural events.

If you decide you want to move forward, we are open to communication with you now and later. At a minimum, if you place with us you will receive pictures and letters. We would be honored to give you insight into the fun and joys of growing up, constantly reassuring you that you made the right decision for your child. Furthermore, we can figure out what other type of contact you are comfortable with and we completely respect that these needs may change over time.

Take comfort in knowing your child will be unconditionally loved in a nurturing home, filled with humor, compassion, a great education, sweet older brothers, and a mom and dad always ready to support, encourage, and cherish them. We’ll lovingly share their adoption story with them, and your child will be told how truly wonderful and blessed you were to make the tough decision for them.

Our life has been a great journey. We pray that it will be enriched by another child to love and care for. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for considering us as you make your decision.

With much love,

Andrew & Mary


Samuel L Jackson
Morgan Freeman
Cameron Diaz
Jennifer Lawrence
JR Tolkien
John Grisham
DaVinci Code
Gone with the Wind
Candy Bar
Inspector Gadget
Scooby Doo
Childhood Memory
Easter Egg Hunts
Playing new board games with cousins every Christmas
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
Green Eggs and Ham
San Francisco
Classic Movie
Pink Panther
Day of Week
Boston Cream Pie
Bread Pudding
Disney Movie
Toy Story
Dream Car
Convertible Mini Cooper
Dream Job
Food Critic
Opening Schools in Developing Countries
Dream Vacation
Trip to Costa Rica
Family Safari in Africa
Family Activity
Reading Books Together
Dancing & Singing
Flower / Plant
Medium-rare Filet Mignon
Mac & Cheese
Form of Exercise
Tennis or Dancing with the kids
Cards Against Humanity
Ticket to Ride
Holiday Song
White Christmas
I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Board games on Christmas day
Staging Santa's visit while little ones sleep
Ice Cream
Gifford's Fly Fishing Fudge Ice Cream
Phish Food
Junk Food
Jalapeno poppers
Nachos with Guacamole
Leisure Activity
Reading to my kids
Men's Fitness
Memory with a Child
Walking in the rain, splashing in puddles
Sheer joy in sons' eyes the first time I took them on a tractor ride
Memory with Spouse
Hanging out in the Pyramids
Hot air balloon over the Nile River
Usual Suspects
Princess Bride
Movie Munchie
Cracker Jacks
Junior Mints
Movie Quote
The first rule of fight club is: You do not talk about fight club.
I believe you have my stapler. - Milton, Office Space
Movie Type
Romantic comedies
Starlight Express
Rent & Annie
Musical Group
Travis & Coldplay
Nursery Rhyme
Grand Old Duke of York
Hush little baby
Olympic Event
400 meter relay race
Personal Hero
My Dad
My Granny
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night
Importance of Being Earnest
Lewis Carroll
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
Her Kindness
His Sense of Humor
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way. - Irish Blessing
Mint Leaf - a small Indian restaurant in England
Any good Mexican restaurant
Toasted Ham & Cheese
Matthew - Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Corinthians - Love is patient, love is kind.
Shopping Store
Ben & Jerry's
Nevermind - Nirvana
Question by Rhett Miller/Old 97s
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Roger Federer
Andre Agassi
Sports Team
Manchester United
Red Sox
Subject in School
The Flash
Thing to Cook
Anything spicy
Time of Day
6:22 PM
Evening - family eating together and then playing games
Taking annual family trip with siblings, nieces, and nephews
Making banana pancakes together on weekend
TV Show
This is Us
TV Show Character
Homer Simpson
Chidi from The Good Place
Type of Music
Alternative rock & pretty much everything else
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Super Mario
Just Dance or Rayman

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