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Jeff & Megan

Hi! We are Jeff and Megan and thanks so much for taking the time to learn a little about us. We have been married for 14 years and have been looking forward starting a family for a long time. We love to make each other laugh and can't wait to share that joy with a child. We hope you consider us and we look forward to the journey with you.

About Us

Lumber Buyer
Escrow Assistant
Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
Bachelor's Degree in Communication Design/Media Arts
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents

Spending Time With Our Friends' Kids

Becoming parents to us means the realization of a dream 14 years in the making. We both have such a strong desire to be parents that saying we are ready to love and care for a child is an understatement! Being parents means diapers, sleepless nights, feedings, cuddles and bath time, etc. It also means supporting the child's physical, emotional, social, financial and intellectual developments and needs throughout their life.

We often talk about things we are excited to do when the baby is here ... rock him/her in Megan's Grandma's rocking chair, attend sporting events, color, play in the back yard, go camping, baking, fishing, visits with Grandma's and Grandpa's and quiet nights at home snuggling on the couch. There is so much that we want to teach our child about the world. One of the things Jeff is most excited about is wearing the baby and going places. He is already looking at baby carriers! Megan can't wait to see the world and experience it through our child's eyes. What we are most looking forward to experiencing as parents though is that unconditional love from us as parents to the child, and the child to us. We are so ready to share that love!

Our Leisure Time

Jeff's Big Catch

Jeff enjoys woodworking, backpacking and reading. His favorite activity is fly fishing. He loves the challenge, appreciates the discipline, and is constantly working to improving his skills. It takes patience and persistence to catch a fish using a fly rod, the joy when you land a fish is palpable and always celebrated!

Megan enjoys all sorts of crafting, photography, cooking and baking. She loves to share this passion with people, so she started a home baking business and participates in the local Farmers Market during the summer. She also caters weddings and parties.

Megan's Farmers Market Booth

Together we like to watch movies, garden, participate in a Christian retreat called Cursillo and spend time with our family and friends. We are San Francisco Giants fans and can't wait to attend games with our child, decked out in orange and black!

We love to travel with our family. We feel it is important to learn as much as we can about different cultures and are looking forward to teaching our child about the world.

Camping was, and is, a huge part of our lives and we are planning on keeping that tradition alive with our child. Jeff's wonderful at planning the hikes and finding new campgrounds. Megan loves to plan the menu and set up the campsite as homey as possible. There's nothing like sitting around the campfire in the evening after a beautiful hike with the ones you love the most. We are so looking forward to sharing our love of nature with our child.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Megan About Jeff:Jeff is constantly making me laugh. He is inherently kind and gentle. It melts my heart to see how he interacts with our pets, nieces, and friend's children. Kids have always been drawn to him, in part because he gets on the floor to interact with them, but also because he listens to them, answering their questions with thoughtful responses and asking questions in return. There is a lightness and enthusiasm about him that is contagious, whether his talking about fishing, his favorite 80's bands, love of God or life in general. He works hard at his job and at home, taking care of our house and yard, making improvements and building things. He has so much to teach a little one!

Jeff About Megan: Megan is truly my best friend and has been since the day we met. She is funny, caring and always supportive to not only me, but all people she calls friends. She has wanted to be a mom since the day we were married, and I know she will be a great mom and teacher. One of her best friends has 3 boys and they all LOVE seeing Megan. We have struggled with infertility for the past 12 years and seeing how courageous and strong she has been through this entire process has been amazing to witness. Megan has a passion for baking and is an actual licensed baker, her creative outlet. She cannot wait to teach our child how to bake.



A Day in Santorini
A Day in Santorini
Jeff Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity
Jeff Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity
Fun With Our Niece
Fun With Our Niece
Out for a Hike
Out for a Hike
Zoo Day With Family
Zoo Day With Family
Happy Together
Happy Together
Out for a Hike With Bigsby
Out for a Hike With Bigsby
Vacation in Hawaii
Vacation in Hawaii
Annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Party
Annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Party
Family Day at the Zoo
Family Day at the Zoo
A Night Out
A Night Out
The Happiest Place on Earth
The Happiest Place on Earth
1 / 12
A Day in Santorini
A Day in Santorini
2 / 12
Jeff Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity
Jeff Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity
3 / 12
Fun With Our Niece
Fun With Our Niece
4 / 12
Out for a Hike
Out for a Hike
5 / 12
Zoo Day With Family
Zoo Day With Family
6 / 12
Happy Together
Happy Together
7 / 12
Out for a Hike With Bigsby
Out for a Hike With Bigsby
8 / 12
Vacation in Hawaii
Vacation in Hawaii
9 / 12
Annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Party
Annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Party
10 / 12
Family Day at the Zoo
Family Day at the Zoo
11 / 12
A Night Out
A Night Out
12 / 12
The Happiest Place on Earth
The Happiest Place on Earth

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home - Front Yard Under Construction!

We live in Megan's hometown in California and feel very fortunate to own a home in a place that people love to visit. We enjoy taking advantage of the local hiking trails, summer concerts and downtown festivals. We love the centralized location of our city, a major city and ocean are one hour away and the mountains are two hours away.

Our home has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a family and dining room with our kitchen looking into a large great room. We have a large back yard with plenty of room for a child to play. Megan's favorite room is the kitchen. She loves to make dinner for family and friends and is often fulfilling a baking order for her baking business. Jeff enjoys hanging out in the great room reading about fly fishing and backpacking or watching movies and loves to tend to his vegetable garden.

Our house is two blocks away from a great elementary school with lots of neighborhood kids riding bikes and running from house to house. Many evenings are spent walking our dog to our neighborhood park where our dog becomes the center of attention with many little hands wanting to get a pet in. Our home is also within walking distance of the local Farmer's Market where Megan has a booth selling baked goods on the weekends. We can't wait to bring a child to the market with us!

Our Extended Families

Thanksgiving With Family

Every year we host Thanksgiving in our home for our extended families. We cook together, share family recipes, and there is always a competitive game of bean bag toss. This past year at Thanksgiving we announced our plans to adopt and the whole family erupted in tears and cheers!

Family Trip to Greece

We love to travel with our family. Our most recent trips to Greece and Hawaii with Megan's family were amazing! We can't wait to explore the world with a child! Our families enjoy camping together. Every other year we meet in Oregon for a family reunion filled with fishing, games, campfires and stories of past trips with cousins, aunts, uncles and pets. Jeff and Megan's dad are great friends and avid fly fishermen. They can't cross a stream without looking for fish!

Megan's sister, Nicki, is over the moon to become an aunt and can't wait to teach a child about art and different cultures. Megan's parent's, Aunt and Uncle live ten minutes away and are very involved in our lives. We get together often for dinners and family time. This will be the first grandchild on Megan's side of the family, everyone is overjoyed!

Jeff's dad and stepmom live a half hour away, we see them often. Jeff's brother Gregg, and wife Sangeetha, have three darling girls who have stolen our hearts! They live an hour away. We often meet up with them too at the zoo, science museum, etc. They are so excited to have a new cousin!

From Us to You


We are Megan and Jeff and we want to let you know how much we appreciate you and the selfless gift you are giving. The magnitude of this is not lost on us and we are incredibly grateful you are considering us to parent your child.

We have been married for 14 years and together for 19. We met online when Megan was in college, Jeff had recently graduated from the same school. We discovered our shared love of our university, nature, and communicating via movie quotes.

We realized early on that we would need medical intervention to have a baby. We tried several fertility treatments and IVF cycles, all of which ended in miscarriages. After the last loss, we took some time to focus on "us" and after a lot of reflection and prayer, we came to realize that what our dream of becoming parents was about, was just that. Becoming parents. We feel that adoption is the right path for us to create our family, which will also include you.

There is so much that we can't wait to experience and share with your child from family traditions like making perogies for Easter, birthday dinners at Grandma and Grandpa's, gifting an ornament to them at Thanksgiving, attending midnight mass on Christmas eve and exchanging "joke gifts" on Christmas morning.

We understand that parenting will come with challenges, some we are ready for and some that we haven't thought of yet. But having been together for so long, we truly have become a strong team and each other's best friend and have created a stable and loving home for a little one to grow up in. The foundation of our relationship is based on several things which we promise to instill in your child:

Love: Just as we love each other unconditionally, we promise to always love your child unconditionally.

Trust: We promise to always put your child first and know you are relying on us to give your child the best life possible.

Communication: We promise to always be open with you and your child. We look forward to sharing the story of their adoption with them and letting them know how loved they are by both us and you. We hope to share pictures, emails, phone calls and video chats with you if you desire.

Humor: We promise your child will grow up laughing as this is the most prominent sound that comes from our home. We know life doesn't go according to what we plan, yet even through the ups and downs, we have maintained a sense of humor. Laughter and joy are central in our home.

God: At the center of our relationship is God. We promise to raise your child with the knowledge that God loves them just as unconditionally as we do. We will take them to church and teach them what we know and believe and as they grow, let them decide what spiritual path they feel is right for them.

We can't imagine what you are going through right now, but we can assure you that your child is already loved beyond measure. As you move forward during this process of deciding what is best for you and your child, we hope that you will consider making us a part of your plan.

Wishing you peace and love,

Jeff & Megan


Bruce Willis
Hugh Jackman
Sandra Bullock
Melissa McCarthy
Red Tail Hawk
Stephen J. Cannell
C.S. Lewis
Wild by Cheryl Strayed
White Fang by Jack London
Candy Bar
Baby Ruth
Transformers and GI Joe
Inspector Gadget
Childhood Memory
Playing with my cousins at family gatherings and holidays
Camping at our family campsite in Truckee, CA
Childhood Toy
Samantha, my American Girl Doll
Children's Book
Double Decker, Double Decker, Double Decker Buss
Venice, Italy
San Francisco
Classic Movie
Breakfast Club
State Fair-the 1945 version with Jeanne Crain
Day of Week
Coconut Cream Pie
Creme Brulee
Disney Movie
Lilo and Stitch
Ratatouille and Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Porsche 911
Range Rover
Dream Job
Fly Fishing Guide
Pastry Chef
Dream Vacation
Australia/New Zealand
African Safari
Family Activity
Camping in the Sierras
Flower / Plant
Tiger Lily
Form of Exercise
Hiking and Walking
5 Crowns
Fly Fishing
Holiday Song
All I Want for Christmas is You
The Man with the Bag by Kay Starr
Holiday Tradition
Making perogies with family for Easter dinner
Watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation with our family after Thanksgiving dinner
Ice Cream
Chunky Monkey
Americone Dream
Junk Food
Chili Cheese Fritos
Nacho Cheese Doritos
Leisure Activity
Memory with a Child
Teaching our friends kids how to play fetch with our dog
Taking our friends kids out for frozen yogurt
Memory with Spouse
Proposing to Megan in Prince Kuhio Park in Kauai
Days at the beach with Jeff and our dog
Con Air
The Indian Jones Series and the Harry Potter Series
Movie Munchie
Milk Duds
Movie Quote
"Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?"
"I'm in a glass case of emotion!!"
Movie Type
Musical and Drama
The Greatest Showman
The Greatest Showman
Musical Group
Ingrid Michaelson
Olympic Event
Alpine Skiing
Alpine Skiing
Personal Hero
My Dad and Father-in-Law
Paternal Grandma and my Mom
Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
Kindness and Patience
He is caring and has the best sense of humor
Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.
"Try new things, it will make your circle bigger." My sixth grade teacher
The Beach House, Kauai
Ca' Momi Osteria
Phil 2:2-5
Shopping Store
Look at my Truck by Chase Rice
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Hockey (live)
Sports Star
Magic Johnson
Joe Montana
Sports Team
San Francisco Giants
San Francisco Giants
Subject in School
Captain America
Thing to Cook
Ribollita (bread soup)
Saturday Morning Breakfast
Time of Day
Saturday morning breakfast in bed
TV Show
Game of Thrones
Breaking Bad
TV Show Character
Dr. Gregory House from House
Jess Day from New Girl
Type of Music
Rock and Country
Indi Pop and Big Band
Vacation Spot
Video Game

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