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Scott & Heather

We do not know how this book ends but we do know it begins where our individual stories that brought us here meet. At the center of this story is a child. We are excited, anxious, hopeful and grateful for the opportunity to share our love and life with you and your child should you choose us to help write the rest of this story.

About Us

Corporate Customer Relations Manager
Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice
Some College
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents

Patio Time Next Door at Grandma & Grandpa's With Our Niece

Being a parent means assisting a child to know their own strengths and weaknesses and preparing them to go into the world and make a difference in it. For us, this means instilling a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. We want to raise a child who knows how important he or she is to us and to our extended family, but we also want them to understand the beauty of kindness, and the importance of caring for one another in our journey through life. Most of all, we want to teach the beauty of joy; giving it, receiving it and celebrating it. Our example, our words, our discipline when necessary, will all be means that we use to help our child along the path of life, and to prepare them for life after we are gone.

We look forward to liking many aspects of being parents. Of course we look forward to all the "firsts": First Birthday, first tooth, first day of school, first Christmas. There are so many things we expect to like about parenting, which makes it somewhat difficult to predict what we will like most. In general, we think we will like watching our child come into his or her own; watching their development into the hopefully strong, confident, caring person we hope they will become; watching them develop relationships with friends and family.

Our Family Traditions

Hawaii Helicopter Adventure With the Fam

We are a very loud, loving, supportive, open, close-knit family. Anything that is of interest or concern to anyone can be discussed, and usually is. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we do not. Sometimes voices are raised as part of these discussions. But no matter what, everyone knows they are in a safe place, and everyone leaves on good terms, which is something that both of us really love about our family.

Many of our traditions center around travel, cooking and hanging out with our family. It is fair to say that none of us have ever met a vacation we didn't like. Our favorite destinations include the Black Hills, the Oregon Coast (really all over the Pacific Northwest), Europe and of course Hawaii. We look forward all year to our annual trip to Kauai with Heather's parents and siblings, where we hike, snorkel, scuba dive and explore the beautiful Na Pali Coast. We spend the day before Thanksgiving at Heather's parents' home talking, laughing, playing pool and last but definitely not least, cooking up a storm. We ride 4-wheelers, hike and enjoy tri-tip and sweet potatoes at the cabin. We have Sunday dinners with Scott's parents and siblings, and enjoy cheering or nephews on at football, basketball and soccer.

Discussing Adoption

We definitely plan on taking the "early and often" approach when it comes to discussing a child's adoption with him or her. We have heard it stated by multiple authorities on adoption how important it is to explain adoption early and as often as possible to an adopted child, and to us that makes absolute sense. Adoption is something to be proud of and to celebrate! We will not only answer questions as they arise, as honestly and completely as possible, but we will also actively seek out opportunities to initiate these discussions.

Our discussions will begin with the idea that there is no such thing as a "typical" family; in some families, the members look the same. In others, the members may look different, and may come from different backgrounds. But in any family, the most important aspect is love. And it will be stressed that the child's story began with the love of the birth parents.

In addition, we will extend ourselves in whatever ways are necessary in order to foster an environment where our child can connect with their cultural background. We will actively seek out diversity in choice of schools, friends and associates. This will include seeking out and involving a cultural mentor for our child, if possible.



With a Little Friend
With a Little Friend
Meeting Our New Niece
Meeting Our New Niece
A Day at the Aquarium
A Day at the Aquarium
Hiking & Hangin' Loose
Hiking & Hangin' Loose
26.2 Together
26.2 Together
Pacific Northwest Hiking
Pacific Northwest Hiking
Scott's Family
Scott's Family
Lucky in Love
Lucky in Love
Tubing Hawaii
Tubing Hawaii
Black Hills Hiking
Black Hills Hiking
Heather & Her Ma
Heather & Her Ma
Snuggle Time
Snuggle Time
1 / 12
With a Little Friend
With a Little Friend
2 / 12
Meeting Our New Niece
Meeting Our New Niece
3 / 12
A Day at the Aquarium
A Day at the Aquarium
4 / 12
Hiking & Hangin' Loose
Hiking & Hangin' Loose
5 / 12
26.2 Together
26.2 Together
6 / 12
Pacific Northwest Hiking
Pacific Northwest Hiking
7 / 12
Scott's Family
Scott's Family
8 / 12
Lucky in Love
Lucky in Love
9 / 12
Tubing Hawaii
Tubing Hawaii
10 / 12
Black Hills Hiking
Black Hills Hiking
11 / 12
Heather & Her Ma
Heather & Her Ma
12 / 12
Snuggle Time
Snuggle Time

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a close-knit, working class community in Utah. Many families, ourselves included, have lived in the neighborhood for generations. The neighborhood is a mix of retired people and young families with children. We are within walking distance of our community recreation center and swimming pool, as well as two parks. We both have fond memories of the annual 4th of July celebration including the pancake breakfast hosted by the Lions Club, as well as the annual spaghetti dinner hosted by our church. We look forward to making new memories at these community events as we grow our family.

Our home is a cozy brick rambler built in the 1950s. It is approximately 2000 square feet. The upstairs consists of a kitchen, family room, 2 bedrooms and a full bath. The basement includes another bedroom, Scott's home office, a family/playroom, half-bathroom and laundry room. We recently updated much of the upstairs, which included opening up the kitchen/family room area. The kitchen/family room is our favorite room in the house. It has sentimental value because we renovated with the assistance of Heather's mom and stepdad. We feel it is the heart of our home; the place where we welcome friends and family and make memories.

Our Extended Families

Scott's Crew

When we get together with family it often centers around food, travel or both. We love to hang at Heather’s parents’ cabin around the campfire, family road tripping adventures and gathering to cook, eat, lounge, play cards, watch sports, tease and laugh. As almost all of our family members live nearby, including our parents/stepparents and all but one of our six siblings, we usually get together several times a week and enjoy lots of time with all of our nieces and nephews.

Heather's Crew

What makes our family unique is that we're all very different; we have different interests (sometimes REALLY different) and personalities, but none of that gets in the way. We all support and love each other and genuinely enjoy spending time together. Our family is very excited to add another child to our story. They have all been extremely helpful and supportive of us during our progress down this path, and are looking forward to the future and sharing it with a new family member.

From Us to You

Hello! Our names are Scott and Heather. We see life as a journey and through this letter, we hope to introduce you to ours, and in so doing, give you an idea of how we hope to help a child find their own path should we be given the opportunity.

For both of us, the journey began in a small western mining community. Several generations of our families have lived and worked here, and we and most of them still do. We met the summer after Heather graduated high school when Scott was home from college. We knew almost immediately that we were in love and wanted to share a life. While we married very young and were perhaps a bit naïve about ourselves and the path ahead, our love has grown stronger and more committed in the 22 years we have been married and we are so excited at the prospect of sharing what we love about each other, our families and life with a child.

We live in a cozy home with our two pups, Happy Jack and Sweet Pea. Heather recently left her career of 20 years to devote to this next chapter in our life as well as to help care for our new niece. Scott works as a Customer Service Manager out of his home office. Spending more time at home has allowed us to create the chill day-to-day atmosphere we have always envisioned for our family.

We also LOVE to travel and experience the world! There are so many beautiful places and amazing cultures on this planet and we look forward to including a child on our adventures. In addition to travel, we have a passion for music and attend a lot of concerts. We have celebrated several anniversaries stomping our feet with thousands of fellow fans and one of our favorite bands, Flogging Molly.

Heather grew up next door to her grandparents and one of her fondest memories is running over the walkway to their house. We now live next door to Heather's parents, and cherish the idea that a child will one day continue this tradition. Family pool nights next door, horseshoes, 4-wheelers and campfires at the family cabin, Grandma's eggs benedict on Christmas morning as well as hiking, snorkeling and beach time on our annual family trip to Kauai are other memories we are excited to share with a little one.

Scott's dad and stepmom live just a few miles away where we gather often for Sunday dinners which includes a lot of healthy teasing, cards and board games and football, basketball or baseball on TV. Our nephews are very active in sports and all of us can be found on the sidelines Friday nights or weekends cheering them on. We look forward to our annual family getaways which have included getting to see Disneyland and Mt. Rushmore together.

Scott’s stepdad, twin brothers, their wives and our niece and nephew all live close and we try to hook up at least once a month for a family dinner. Scott's mom sadly just passed away and Heather lost her dad in 2001. Our memories of them are close to our hearts and will be passed on.

Our belief system includes a strong sense of universal connectedness to this earth and one another regardless of race, religion or lifestyle. We hope to example this to a child by the way we live our life and treat others. Our goal as parents is to give a child a strong base of love, community, experience, education, spirituality, a sense of self and a sense of humor to help guide them in confidence and kindness on the path they choose. A child's birth family is the first connection they will ever have. We hold this sacred and will support a relationship between a child and their birth family through letters and pictures, as well as future visits if the parents and family are comfortable doing so. We thank you for reading a little about our journey and wish you well on yours.

Scott & Heather


John Cleese
Amy Adams
Dogs and elk when I see them out hiking with my Pa
Dion Fortune
The Bible
To Kill A Mockingbird, Charlotte's Web
Candy Bar
Kit Kat. The "real" ones, from the U.K.
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Duck Tales
Under Dog
Childhood Memory
Flying for the first time with my Dad. We went to San Francisco for the day.
Crossing the walkway between mine and my grandparents house
Childhood Toy
A teddy bear, Mr. Beck, that I still have
Children's Book
The Rainbow Goblins
Hans Christian Andersen Stories, Paddington Bear, Peter Rabbit
Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Denver, CO; London, England, UK
Hard to say a favorite but of those I have had the opportunity to see I loved Portland, New York, Rome, Dublin, Koloa
Classic Movie
Lawrence of Arabia
Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
Sticky Toffee Pudding or Mississippi Mud Cake
Disney Movie
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Lady and the Tramp
Dream Car
1966 Mustang GT Fastback
Old Ford Mustang Refurbished
Dream Job
Interpreter for the Deaf
Dream Vacation
A month in the British Isles
A 3 month European adventure
Family Activity
Sunday Dinners, Real Salt Lake Soccer Matches
Annual Family Trip to Hawaii; Family Cabin Time
Flower / Plant
Palm trees
Pine Trees and Palm Trees
Ooh...Biscuits & Gravy, Fish & Chips, Pizza
ALL OF IT...mostly
Form of Exercise
Running or Karate
Cards (Uno, Rummy), Horseshoes/Cornhole
Road Trips & Travel, Hiking, Watching Soccer, Reading, Concerts
Cooking, Running, Netflix Binge Sessions, Road Trips & Travel, Concerts
Holiday Song
The Rebel Jesus-Jackson Browne; A Christmas Song-Jethro Tull
Auld Lang Syne (Chris Isaak), Pretty Paper (Willie Nelson), The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole) & most Roger Whittaker Christmas as it reminds me of Christmas Eve at my grandparents
Holiday Tradition
Cooking at Grandma's House the night before Thanksgiving
Cooking at Grandma's the night before Thanksgiving (Grandma's Mac & Cheese, Lemon Merengue Pie & Sausage Stuffing), My parents, brother's family and us all go get Christmas trees together every year, Scott and I watch Christmas Vacation when decorating
Ice Cream
Chubby Hubby
Chocolate Peanut Butter or Vanilla depending on my mood
Junk Food
Chocolate-covered cinnamon bears
Leisure Activity
Watching TV
Relevant; The Living Church; Spirituality & Health; Psychology Today
I like to window shop in catalogs, does that count?
Memory with a Child
Holding my little brothers when they were newborns
Talking through the heat vents with my brother when we were in time out in our bedrooms
Memory with Spouse
Finishing the Portland Marathon in 2011
Finishing the Portland Marathon together, it took over 7 long hours and we were exhausted but it is one of my best memories with Scott
The Goonies
Shawshank Redemption, Goonies, Braveheart, Stand By Me, Princess Bride, Slumdog Millionaire
Movie Munchie
Popcorn with lots of butter sprinkled with M&M's
Movie Quote
Too many to pick from
"Snap out of it!" Moonstruck
Movie Type
Thrillers, Dramas, Mysteries, Dark Comedies, Historical
Jesus Christ Superstar
Not a huge fan of musicals but I have good memories of watching Paint Your Wagon on the hide-a-bed with my Mom & Brother
Musical Group
The Beatles; U2; Queen...SO many more, but we'll leave it at that
I love ALL kinds of music but if I had to choose one it would be Bruce Springsteen
Nursery Rhyme
Hot Cross Buns
A lot of nursery rhymes are kind of creepy but if I had to pick one it would be Frer Jacques
Olympic Event
Giant Slalom
Summer: Diving, Winter: Figure Skating
Personal Hero
My Granddad
My Mom
The Angel that troubled the waters
Our Town
W.B. Yeats
I love the poem "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley
Quality about my Spouse
Her optimism and her kindness
He is loyal and extraordinarily patient
"With our love we could save the world" -George Harrison
"Where words fail, music speaks." Hans Christian Andersen
Tavern on the Green
Pizza Stop
Leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich
John 1:1
There are as many paths to God as there are souls on Earth - Rumi
Shopping Store
Let it Be
Feelin' Good Again - Robert Earl Keen
Sport to Play
Baseball & Soccer
Sport to Watch
Baseball & Soccer
Soccer, Basketball, Football
Sports Star
David Beckham
My Nephew
Sports Team
Chelsea FC; Seattle Mariners
Real Soccer
Subject in School
Doctor Strange
Not a Superhero buff but I would say Thor
Thing to Cook
Pasta Carbonara
Pasta dishes like Lasagna and Spaghetti Carbonara
Time of Day
Early Morning
Listening to talk radio on road trips
Our annual family vacation to Hawaii, we have amazing memories here of swimming, snorkeling, hiking, cooking, eating and hanging out together every year
TV Show
This is Us
Little House on the Prairie, The X-Files, The Sopranos, Supernatural, Seinfeld
TV Show Character
Kramer on Seinfeld
Type of Music
Anything but opera
ALL speaks to my soul
Vacation Spot
Kauai, Hawaii
Kauai, Hawaii
Video Game
Bible Adventures

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