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Garry & Ashley

Adoption will make it possible for us to create the family we've been dreaming about since we were little kids. We have tried for years to create a family, but due to infertility we were unsuccessful. We have so much love to give to a child. Becoming parents would mean the world to us! We hope you'll consider us for this journey!

About Us

Certified Public Accountant
Master's Degree in Business Administration
Master's Degree in Accounting
Legally Married

Qualities We Admire in Each Other

Ready to Laugh at an Outdoor Comedy Show

Ashley loves Garry's energetic personality. Many would say Garry is just a big kid himself. Whenever we're with family and have our nieces or cousins around, he's always the first one to jump in and start a game up with them. We laugh that wherever the kids are, that's where you'll find Garry. Ashley loves how he joined her big family and treats them all like his own family. He's the first one there to help out anyone. Whenever Ashley's grandparents need help around the house from power washing the house, setting up their new TV, or showing them how to use their new cell phone, he's the first one to be willing to help them out, never complaining a minute.

Garry loves Ashley's caring and loving personality. Ashley will do anything she can to help and make friends and family happy. From simple things like helping a friend put together a giant yard sale and hosting it at our house, to spending hours baking and perfectly decorating a zebra cake for our two nieces' birthdays. She wants everyone to know they are thought of and loved. She makes sure we can attend every possible event from birthdays and anniversaries to graduations. If there is ever an event we miss, be sure there is a card on the way. When our child is sad or hurt I know Ashley's loving smile and big hugs will be the first thing to make them feel better.

Our Leisure Time

Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids' Sake

We both have numerous hobbies we enjoy together including bowling and golfing. Ashley participated in both sports in high school and then got Garry into them after we met. Ashley's family has always been big on bowling and golfing. Ashley can remember going every Tuesday night to the bowling alley to watch her dad and grandpa bowl in the weekly league. Ashley also remembers her grandpas going golfing after breakfast every Sunday morning. And if she was lucky enough and begged hard enough, she got to join.

This past year we joined a couples date night bowling league with some close friends. And since we loved that so much, we participated with the same friends in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids' Sake. This was the first year we participated and as a team we were able to raise the most money of any team, taking down the long time champions.

Even though life can get hectic, we try to make it out on the golf course at least a couple of times a year. A given is golfing on Father's Day. Ashley's dad enjoys golfing too, so we try to treat him to a round each year around this time.

Favorite Vacation Spot

Soaking Up the Sun

We both enjoy taking cruises and the beach, so what's more perfect than a cruise to the beach?

We enjoy cruising because no matter what the weather is like back home, we can have the warmth and beach anytime of year. Even a cooler day in the Caribbean would be warmer than a winter day in the Midwest.

We also love cruises because we have days at sea where we can enjoy all of the activities on the ship from different pool games, shopping, or game shows. It's a time to kick back and relax. Then when we make it to the different ports, we can explore the island. We've taken a couple different snorkeling tours and a kayak tour. The scenery under water is just amazing to view. We've also enjoyed private beach days with inflatables on the ocean where Garry can burn off some energy, but also has rafts that Ashley can use to work on a tan.

While we enjoy cruising as a couple, we can't wait to have a child to be able to share all of these adventures with in the future. Especially a Disney cruise that everyone raves about.



All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up
Ashley Enjoys Decorating Cakes
Ashley Enjoys Decorating Cakes
Entertaining Our Nieces at the Poool
Entertaining Our Nieces at the Poool
Canoe Races at the Campgrounds With Friends
Canoe Races at the Campgrounds With Friends
Our First Painting Adventure Together
Our First Painting Adventure Together
Visiting the Penguins at the St. Louis Zoo
Visiting the Penguins at the St. Louis Zoo
Ready to Celebrate Easter in Style!
Ready to Celebrate Easter in Style!
Family Pumpking Carving Fun
Family Pumpking Carving Fun
All Smiles With Our Niece
All Smiles With Our Niece
No More Training Wheels for This Niece!
No More Training Wheels for This Niece!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
It All Began at Our High School Sweetheart Swirl Dance
It All Began at Our High School Sweetheart Swirl Dance
1 / 12
All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up
2 / 12
Ashley Enjoys Decorating Cakes
Ashley Enjoys Decorating Cakes
3 / 12
Entertaining Our Nieces at the Poool
Entertaining Our Nieces at the Poool
4 / 12
Canoe Races at the Campgrounds With Friends
Canoe Races at the Campgrounds With Friends
5 / 12
Our First Painting Adventure Together
Our First Painting Adventure Together
6 / 12
Visiting the Penguins at the St. Louis Zoo
Visiting the Penguins at the St. Louis Zoo
7 / 12
Ready to Celebrate Easter in Style!
Ready to Celebrate Easter in Style!
8 / 12
Family Pumpking Carving Fun
Family Pumpking Carving Fun
9 / 12
All Smiles With Our Niece
All Smiles With Our Niece
10 / 12
No More Training Wheels for This Niece!
No More Training Wheels for This Niece!
11 / 12
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
12 / 12
It All Began at Our High School Sweetheart Swirl Dance
It All Began at Our High School Sweetheart Swirl Dance

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a small town just 15 minutes outside of a large city in Illinois. We enjoy living in a small town because the community is so involved, from the high school homecoming parade to the annual summer festival. We have numerous parks and trails that Garry enjoys riding his bike on. The city is actually adding a trail right now down the street from us, which will be nice for nightly strolls we're looking forward to with a child. We also have the community pool just a few blocks down the road which is always packed with neighbor kids.

We love our split level home. We recently remodeled the lower level, so we have an in-home gym and additional family room which walks out to our patio. One of our favorite parts of our home is our patio/deck combo. Underneath we have a swing used to relax and our grill used to cookout. We love grilling out and having friends and family over. On the upper level is the deck where we enjoy soaking up the sun. On the upper level we also have four bedrooms, one just waiting to be filled with a nursery. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all open to each other which we love! It makes it very convenient when cooking dinner and eating. It always seems like the family gathers in the kitchen.

Our Extended Families

Garry's Family

We're both very close to our families, only being an hour away!

Ashley's Family

Garry's family is smaller compared to Ashley's. Since Garry's family is smaller, we all get together for everyone's birthdays. Just this past weekend we celebrated Garry's birthday with dinner out with both of our families and then went back to our house for gifts and ice cream cake (chocolate, Garry's favorite!). For Garry's mom's birthday this past year we all met up for dinner out at a local Mexican restaurant (our favorite!) followed by a minor league baseball game. Garry's family is Chicago Cubs fans and we're St. Louis Cardinals fans, so it's always a fun rivalry. It's fun birthday celebrations like these that we can't wait to share with this child!

Ashley's family is larger so they only get together for immediate family birthdays and then of course for the holidays. This past year we had Ashley's family over for an Easter celebration kicked off first by an Easter egg hunt for all of the kids. It's a family activity like this that we can't wait to have a child to join in on the fun! Ashley has numerous cousins and nieces that can't wait to have another little one to add to the bunch.

With both of our families being so close, they have seen and experienced themselves the heartache that infertility has caused us. Because of this, both of our families can't wait for us to be blessed with a child.

From Us to You

We met in high school and have been high school sweethearts ever since. Some would say our love story is picture perfect ... except for one little thing. We both knew we wanted to be parents from the time we got married in 2010. We tried for six years to make our family a reality, but it wasn't in the cards for us. Once we came to terms that our infertility would take making a biological family away from us, we both knew we still desperately wanted to be parents. That's when we started researching and pursuing adoption.

With the many losses we had with infertility, we know that adoption is a very difficult choice for you. It is the bravest and most loving choice to make for your child. Please know that we recognize the courage it took to consider adoption and please know that your courage and love will be shared with your child. We want your child to know how much they are loved by us and especially by you.

We both have very close families and it's that closeness that we can't wait to share with a child. We live within a hour of immediate family and have close friends nearby that we consider family. All of them have seen our struggles to create a family and can't wait for us to welcome a little one. We have longed for a child forever. Ashley remembers playing with baby dolls when she was little and always dreamed of some day being a mom with her own child, being able to care for and love them. And Garry is still a big kid at heart. At any family function, wherever you see all of the kids, that's where you'll find Garry. Kids just gravitate to him.

We have a couple of nieces and one on the way. We can't wait to see our little one interact and play with his or her cousins. And having a child so close in age to a cousin would be a dream come true. Ashley had numerous cousins close in age growing up and to this day still has close relationships with them all. They're your first friends growing up. It's the memories made with them that creates the closeness that we want to continue on with our own child.

We know keeping a relationship with you is very important for your child, for you, and for us. We plan on sharing your child's adoption story with them as soon as possible and will continue that on throughout the years. The more family they have to love them, the better! We are happy to send emails, letters, and photos to keep you updated in your child's key milestones. And if possible and you're open to it, we're open to visits as well. It's whatever you're most comfortable with in the future.

We want to thank you for considering us as parents for your child. We know adoption was a very tough decision for you to make, but was one made out of love. And it's this love that we can't wait to share with your child.

Love always,

Garry & Ashley


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Stephen King
Nicholas Sparks
Harry Potter
Where the Heart Is
Candy Bar
Milky Way
Power Rangers
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Childhood Memory
Christmas morning
Summer roadtrips
Childhood Toy
Babysitter's club doll
Children's Book
Bernstein Bears
Babysittter's Club
Clearwater Beach
Las Vegas
Classic Movie
Planet of the Apes
Day of Week
Anything chocolate
Peanut butter pie
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
BMW convertible
Dream Job
Professional organizer
Dream Vacation
African safarri
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Tiger lily
Stargazer Lily
Form of Exercise
Weight lifting
Cake decorating
New Year's Eve
Holiday Song
Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Eve with our niece
Pumpkin pie for breakfast
Ice Cream
Mint chocolate chip
Junk Food
BBQ chips
Anything Reese's
Leisure Activity
Memory with a Child
Teaching our niece how to ride her bike
Memory with Spouse
Our first cruise
Our wedding day
Happy Gilmore
Shawshank Redemption
Movie Munchie
Popcorn with peanut m&m's
Movie Quote
There's so much more room for activities! -Stepbrothers
My fingers hurt. -Happy Gilmore
Movie Type
Musical Group
21 Pilots
Miranda Lambert
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Humpty Dumpty
Olympic Event
Figure skating
Personal Hero
My Mom
Edgar Allen Poe
Quality about my Spouse
She is very caring
He is full of energy!
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
Shopping Store
Eye of the Tiger
My Best Friend by Tim McGraw
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Matt Forte
Yadi Molina
Sports Team
St Louis Cardinals
St Louis Cardinals
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Quitting time
Shopping trips
TV Show
American Horror Story
This is Us
TV Show Character
Kate from This is Us
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Video Game
The Walking Dead
Donkey Kong

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