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Dan & Rachel

Since we were married, we have been waiting to welcome our child into our hearts. We will support and love our child unconditionally. With so much love to give, we are excited for what the future holds for our family. Adoption is a partnership formed by love for a child, and we hope you will allow us to join in that partnership.

About Us

Elementary School Principal
Content Delivery Specialist
Master's Degree in Educational Leadership
Master's Degree in English Education
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Hiking in the State Park

We both have always enjoyed being outdoors. We enjoy hiking with our dog Henry in the 2000-acre state park minutes away from our home and kayaking there in the summer. We have also hiked along Lake Superior and the mountains in Utah and Colorado. We are very fortunate to be a short distance away from the Minnesota Zoo. As season pass owners, we enjoy spending an afternoon visiting the animals. Our child will visit the sea otters, penguins, and camels on a regular basis!

On the weekend, we can be found cheering on our favorite sport teams, including Huskers, Notre Dame, Vikings and the Twins. As a former baseball player and coach, Dan cannot wait to teach our child how to throw and catch. Within walking distance to our home are two baseball fields and, on walks with Henry, Dan has already imagined himself playing catch with and possibly coaching our child on one of those fields. Rachel, who loves cooking, is excited to create memories in the kitchen with our child like her mom did with her. From making Christmas cookies to personal pan pizzas, the act of working together will always be treasured time. At the end of the day, what we look forward to the most is spending time with each other.

Education We will Provide

With our backgrounds in education (Dan a former teacher now elementary principal and Rachel a former English teacher), we value the importance of education. Obviously, with Dan as an elementary school principal, our child will attend his school and hopefully grow to love learning. We see education not only as solidifying our child’s future, but also as expanding our child’s sense of compassion and curiosity. We will push our child to think of others, question the world, and listen thoughtfully. To us, these are the most important lessons our child will receive no matter what career path our child will eventually choose. We also look forward to introducing our child to the imaginary world of books through reading every day and weekly trips to the local library. Rachel has already started using Pinterest to save learning activities and experiments we will do with our child. We look forward to helping our child grow to the fullest potential.

Our Dog, Henry

Sweet Henry

Six months after we were married, we got Henry, our mini-labradoodle. What drew us to this breed is its reputation for being great with kids and being loyal companions. He is such a sweet dog and he loves being outside with us. He is also wonderful with children. He has been hugged and pulled on by a number of young children but has always been patient, friendly, and has never barked at any of them. In fact, last Fourth of July at Dan’s family reunion, a boy who had been terrified of dogs after being bitten by one overcame his fear because of Henry’s sweet nature and he grew to love him in a short couple of days. We know Henry will be a loyal and friendly companion for our child. We can't wait to introduce him to a little one!



Go Twins!
Go Twins!
Happy Birthday, Dan!
Happy Birthday, Dan!
Beach Time in the Dominican Republic
Beach Time in the Dominican Republic
Having Fun with Our Nephew
Having Fun with Our Nephew
Playing Cards with Family
Playing Cards with Family
Overlooking Lake Superior
Overlooking Lake Superior
Christmas with Henry
Christmas with Henry
Dan Ice Fishing with His Brothers-in-Law
Dan Ice Fishing with His Brothers-in-Law
Storytime with Our Niece and Nephew
Storytime with Our Niece and Nephew
Ready for the Twins Game
Ready for the Twins Game
Rainy Day in Germany
Rainy Day in Germany
Ziplining on Vacation
Ziplining on Vacation
1 / 12
Go Twins!
Go Twins!
2 / 12
Happy Birthday, Dan!
Happy Birthday, Dan!
3 / 12
Beach Time in the Dominican Republic
Beach Time in the Dominican Republic
4 / 12
Having Fun with Our Nephew
Having Fun with Our Nephew
5 / 12
Playing Cards with Family
Playing Cards with Family
6 / 12
Overlooking Lake Superior
Overlooking Lake Superior
7 / 12
Christmas with Henry
Christmas with Henry
8 / 12
Dan Ice Fishing with His Brothers-in-Law
Dan Ice Fishing with His Brothers-in-Law
9 / 12
Storytime with Our Niece and Nephew
Storytime with Our Niece and Nephew
10 / 12
Ready for the Twins Game
Ready for the Twins Game
11 / 12
Rainy Day in Germany
Rainy Day in Germany
12 / 12
Ziplining on Vacation
Ziplining on Vacation

Our Extended Families

Summer Days with Dan's Family

Dan’s parents and sister’s family live two hours away, allowing us to see each other frequently. When together, we enjoy a range of activities from playing with our nieces in the lake at Dan’s sister’s home to watching the action of Twin City sporting events. When not outside, we are around the dining table playing cards or board games. With most of Dan’s extended family living on lakes, celebrating the 4th of July on the water has become a wonderful tradition.

Rachel's Family at Thanksgiving

Rachel’s family is more spread out with two siblings and their families living in Salt Lake City and her parents and brother’s family living in Nebraska. Beyond regular trips to see Rachel’s parents or siblings, the whole family (10 adults and 10 kids) gets together a couple of times a year for either Thanksgiving or Christmas and a summer family trip. The last trip was to Colorado, where we hiked mountains, played corn hole, and overate! We treasure the time we have with our nieces and nephews and are often found on the floor building Legos, playing games, or dancing.

We are incredibly blessed to have such wonderful families, both of which are truly excited about our adoption plans and look forward to welcoming our child into the family. Our future child will be surrounded with love.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

A couple years ago we moved to a suburb of Minneapolis from Nebraska. Since moving into our home, we have renovated a majority of the space. Scraping the popcorn ceilings, redoing bathrooms, and laying hardwood floors have made our home ready to welcome another member to our family. Out of the 2,800 square feet in our home, our favorite room is the screened-in-porch, which allows us a quick retreat into our backyard, with its many trees, shrubs and grassy areas.

What makes our home even better is the welcoming neighborhood. In the winter months, we see snowmen and kids ice skating at a nearby park. During the warmer months, our neighborhood comes alive with kids’ laughter and lemonade stands. Walking our dog, Henry, we have discovered five neighborhood parks with wooded trails. A five-minute drive away is the Minnesota Zoo and minutes in the other direction is a 2000-acre park where we have hiked and kayaked. We look forward to introducing our child to all of the animals at the zoo, swimming at the beach in the state park, and joining neighborhood kids at one of the local parks.

From Us to You

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us! While we cannot imagine the decision ahead of you, we want to express our utmost respect for you.

After meeting in 2013, we married in 2015. We lived in a small town in Nebraska for Dan’s career as an elementary school principal where neither of us had family or established friendships, but that really solidified our love. We learned how well we complement one another. For example, Dan prefers having a well-laid out plan while Rachel enjoys the daily adventure life brings. Through it all, we have become equal partners, sharing in the workload of everyday life, but we always make sure to find time to laugh and explore the world around us!

In 2017, we moved to the Minneapolis-area to be nearer to both family and the cultural experiences a city has to offer. Dan is the principal at a school that matches our values of discussion, listening to others and cooperation. After moving to Minnesota, Rachel, a former English teacher, changed career paths to one that allows for better hours and the possibility of working from home when a child arrives.

With both our backgrounds in education, we respect the learning that goes on within the classroom walls but also in the world beyond. We want to support our child in his or her areas of interest whether that be academics, the arts, athletics, or other areas. Our goal is to help guide our child to become a respectful, responsible, and caring adult. We are excited to raise a child in an area that truly demonstrates the amazing and diverse world around us.

We knew even prior to our marriage that adoption would be our path to having a family. Over the past three years of marriage, we have learned so much about adoption, but more importantly we have learned through people we know --some who have adopted and some who have been adopted. What has made the biggest impression on us is the strength of birth parents and the importance of having an open adoption. You are an important person to us and to our future child, and we will welcome your input on how involved you want to be through letters and pictures and other means of communication.

We plan to be open and honest with our child about being adopted, beginning with reading baby books already purchased that will introduce the topic of adoption. As our child grows, so will the knowledge of the path that took place to join our family. We look forward to an open adoption as it will allow our child an opportunity to know more about personal heritage and will ensure that our child understands our complete love. Our child’s adoption story will be treasured by all of us since it is how our family was formed.

As you work through this process, we can only imagine your thoughts and feelings, and we admire you for your resolve in choosing what you think best for your child. You do not enter this lightly, nor do we. In that regard, it seems heartless to express our excitement, but we hope that from reading our words you will know that we are a loving and devoted couple who will welcome your child into our family with open arms and hearts! As you are putting the needs of your child higher than your own, we, too, as loving parents will follow your example in seeking what is best for this child.

With love,

Dan & Rachel


Ryan Reynolds
Benedict Cumberbatch
Sea Otter
JK Rowling
Too many to choose just one!
Candy Bar
Three Musketeers
Heath Bar
Childhood Memory
Playing on the lake with family
Picking apples and making applesauce with my mom
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
Oh, the Places You'll Go!
The Jolly Postman
Classic Movie
Back to the Future
Roman Holiday
Day of Week
Mom's apple pie
Disney Movie
Mighty Ducks
Lion King
Dream Car
'68 Dodge Charger
Lexus RX7
Dream Job
Pro Baseball Player
Being a Mom
Dream Vacation
On a beach
Spain and France
Family Activity
Card games
Hiking in our State Park
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Weight lifting
Weight Lifting
Card game Pitch
Fourth of July
Holiday Tradition
Cooking with family
Ice Cream
Moose Tracks
Junk Food
Gummy Worms
Leisure Activity
Men's Health
Cooking Light
Memory with a Child
Babysitting overnight for the first time
Cooking with my nieces
Memory with Spouse
Taking Rachel Out to a Nice Meal
Going to sporting events together
The Departed
Movie Munchie
Movie Type
Les Miserables
Musical Group
Matchbox 20
Mumford and Sons
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Little Miss Muffet
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My dad
My Mom
Shel Silverstein
John Donne
Quality about my Spouse
Her Patience
His Integrity
Granite City
Any local farm-to-table restaurant
Shopping Store
Dick's Sporting Goods
Gravity by John Mayer
Angels by Chance the Rapper
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Bo Jackson
Scott Frost
Sports Team
Minnesota Twins
Nebraska Cornhuskers
Subject in School
Social Studies
Thing to Cook
Homemade Pasta
Time of Day
Birthday cake my wife makes me each year
Going for a nice meal for my birthday
TV Show
Great British Bake-off
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Anywhere on water
A beach somewhere

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