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Richie & Allie

Hi! We are Richie and Allie and we are here to give you a crash course on our road to get to this spot in our lives, in hopes that you will want to be a part of the rest of our journey together. We appreciate you taking the time to read our profile and we hope that you see how much love and adventure we have to offer for our future family.

About Us

Special Education Teacher
High School
Bachelor's Degree in Sociology
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Beach Sunset

There are many places that you could find us if we are not at home. It is likely that you may find us both at a San Jose Sharks game, the beach, or going for a quick road trip to explore places we have not visited. When Richie moved to California it was Allie's mission to show him the beauty in what the Bay Area has to offer. The first thing is the beach. There is no better way to wind down, have a picnic, or make family traditions than under the sun and sky in the warm sand. Allie also showed Richie the joy that a fun hockey game could bring to the evening. You can often find us during hockey season watching the Sharks on our couch if they are on the road or in the arena when they are playing at home! Even though we love doing many things together, we also have our separate hobbies that keep us busy. Richie enjoys racing RC cars at an indoor dirt track, playing with electronics, and building things with Allie's dad in his wood shop. Allie loves to create things for their home and for her classroom. She loves crafting and creating new things with her mom and friends. As a family, we are so excited to share these experiences with a child in our family. It will make our adventures more wholesome because we are building memories that will definitely last a lifetime.

Our Pup, Brady


Brady Charles is the king of the house and truly believes that he is a human and not a Golden Retriever and is treated as such. Brady is our first child and is definitely a big part of our lives. He is taken to Grandma's house every day so that he has company while we work and gets his much needed yard time. Dogs have always been a part of our lives growing up and we hope to continue to have dogs in our future. We look forward to seeing the relationship grow between Brady and your child daily. Brady is a loving dog who will love the attention that your child will give him and eat the scraps that are left over on the floor. He will repay that love with kisses and snuggles every day. He is also the best protector of the family. We love Brady and we cannot wait for your child to love him as much as we do!

Cultural Diversity

We are very fortunate to live in an area where diversity is celebrated and there are many opportunities to celebrate the different cultures that make up our world throughout the year. We hope to have the opportunity to educate your child and teach them about their culture and traditions as they grow up in the Bay Area. It is also important for us to learn about traditions you may have with your family that is special to you! We hope to include some of those traditions within our family. Allie's job also allows her to make connections with families at her school where she can ask questions, develop knowledge, and bring what she has learned to our family to celebrate and educate our family and those around us in our community. The community around us and our local schools are diverse in ethnicities, cultures, and types of family. As a family, traditions are important to us because it allows memories to be formed and an opportunity to bring people together throughout the year. It is important for us to continue traditions that you have been participating in throughout your life as well as creating new traditions as a family.



Family Picture
Family Picture
Sharks Game with Allie's Student
Sharks Game with Allie's Student
Hanging With the Sea Lions
Hanging With the Sea Lions
Who's Going to Win?
Who's Going to Win?
Allie Skating With a Student
Allie Skating With a Student
Concerts Are Always an Adventure We Love
Concerts Are Always an Adventure We Love
Fun With Uncle Richie
Fun With Uncle Richie
Whale Watching
Whale Watching
Will & Brady Are the Best of Friends!
Will & Brady Are the Best of Friends!
Early Beach Mornings
Early Beach Mornings
A Walk on the Beach
A Walk on the Beach
Date Night
Date Night
1 / 12
Family Picture
Family Picture
2 / 12
Sharks Game with Allie's Student
Sharks Game with Allie's Student
3 / 12
Hanging With the Sea Lions
Hanging With the Sea Lions
4 / 12
Who's Going to Win?
Who's Going to Win?
5 / 12
Allie Skating With a Student
Allie Skating With a Student
6 / 12
Concerts Are Always an Adventure We Love
Concerts Are Always an Adventure We Love
7 / 12
Fun With Uncle Richie
Fun With Uncle Richie
8 / 12
Whale Watching
Whale Watching
9 / 12
Will & Brady Are the Best of Friends!
Will & Brady Are the Best of Friends!
10 / 12
Early Beach Mornings
Early Beach Mornings
11 / 12
A Walk on the Beach
A Walk on the Beach
12 / 12
Date Night
Date Night

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Silicon Valley, in California. We chose to call this home because of how close we are to family and because of the vast diversity and culture that our community has to offer. The schools in our neighborhood are diverse and nearby. Your child will also be able to attend school in one of the highest performing school districts in the area.

We love taking Brady for walks at the park right across the street, and also to the farm that is within walking distance where we enjoy picking fruits and vegetables that are home grown, and of course having a lunch picnic! Our community is gated, and has multiple pools, usually filled with children of all ages. The community holds gatherings periodically for Christmas and other holidays. We are both very big fans of the professional hockey team the San Jose Sharks, and we live less than five minutes from their arena, where we frequently are found.

We love being able to wake up and chose rather we want to take the 30-minute drive to the beach and get some sun, or the two-hour drive to the mountains and go sledding for the day. The car ride is usually just as adventurous as the destination, as we are known to find small restaurants or shops along the way.

Our Extended Families

Christmas With Family

Family is a big part of our lives and we made it a priority to live close to one another. We all live within 10 miles of each other and are always there to lend a helping hand. Allie's parents, brothers, sister in law, and niece are always up for a fun time playing games and going to sports. Allie's parents live in a house where all of the family get together's occur because they are well known for their cooking and fun. During the summer time you can find us staying at the beach condo we have visited every summer since Allie was 2 years old. Taco night is always the most fun and memorable piece of the summer at the beach.

Thanksgiving With Family

Richie's family is in Texas. Richie's parents live on a large piece of land where their pets have space to roam and their granddaughter loves to play. When we go to visit, a highlight of the trip is always Karaoke night with the family and dealing out some cards for an intense poker game. We go to visit them as much as possible and look forward to bringing a child with us whenever we go in the future.

From Us to You

Hi! We are Richie and Allie! First and foremost we want to thank you for taking the time to read our story. We admire the courage and strength it must have taken and continue to take to be in the spot where you are now. Your journey to get here is different than our journey, but we hope that our journeys can meet on the same path towards the future. No matter the decision you make after this point, please know we hope you find happiness, joy, and good health in your future.

The story of how we have come to this spot started almost 10 years ago when we met on a work trip that Richie had in California. We like to think of it as fate, which is something that we always look back on and think how crazy it was that we were both in the right place at the right time. As a couple, we never take things for granted because we know how different life would be if it wasn't for that brief encounter. There was no second guessing a big move for Richie was in the plans from Texas to California to be with Allie and her family and the rest is history.

There is a song that speaks very true to our relationship. When someone says "I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit Rock n Roll," we laugh at how much the song relates to us as a couple. Richie being the country and Allie being a little more Rock and Roll.

Country and soul has Richie being the laid back and calm of our relationship. He is the one who is there to remind Allie that a deep breath should be taken with a quiet glance or touch of his hand. His passion for figuring out how to fix something whether it is a car or a broken appliance means he is always up for a challenge and will not stop until the problem has been solved. He is persistent, which is something that allows us to follow through on our dreams and adventures we desire to take.

The Rock and Roll is seen when Allie walks into the room and the volume goes up with laughter and jokes. She is the one who cranks the volume up to 10 and roll the windows down for a fun ride. Her passion for her job is undeniable and she has the same passion for our relationship and family. Allie's heart is as big as you would imagine and it is full of patience and dreams she hopes for herself, her marriage, and her family.

Since day one, there has never been a question on whether or not we our future involved growing our family. We were quick to learn that growing that family would be through adoption. To say that we are excited and elated to grow our family would be an understatement. We are also aware that our joy and excitement has someone else feeling uncertain and anxious about what the future looks like as a whole. We hope to give you some comfort in knowing that we are happy to send regular photos, updates, and communication as often as you wish. We look forward to coordinating a visit in the early years and discussing what visits could be decided on for the future. We want to have open communication to help in these decisions to make sure we are all comfortable.

As we wrap this up, please know how much we look to you and admire your decision to be here reading about our story. We can't say that we know what you are going through, because we do not know and can't imagine how you are feeling. We wish you all of the positive thoughts and comfort as you make this decision. Thank you so much!

With love and support,

Richie & Allie


Paul Walker
Melissa McCarthy
John Grisham
Roald Dahl
"The Outsider" Stephen King
The Outsiders
Candy Bar
Speed Racer
Childhood Memory
Driving 2 hours away to help our neighbor drag race
Growing up with my two older brothers
Childhood Toy
Plastic car models
Children's Book
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Harry the Dog Series
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Monterey, California
Classic Movie
Space Jame
Tommy Boy or The Sandlot
Day of Week
Friday of course!
Thursday! You get to look forward to Friday ALL day long!
Cheesecake! Any kind
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Dream Car
1979 TransAm
My Ford Explorer
Dream Job
Helping new teachers in the classroom after I retire
Dream Vacation
Anywhere that has a beach and some sun!
Family Activity
Game Night!
Playing sports together
Flower / Plant
Gerbera Daisies
Tacos or Mac and Cheese
Form of Exercise
Going to the Gym
I love to take long walks with Brady!
Building light systems for displays
Creating things for my classroom and friends.
Holiday Song
Dominic the Donkey
The First Noel
Holiday Tradition
Setting up Halloween Displays with my father in law
Driving around to look at Christmas lights with hot chocolate.
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip!
Junk Food
Ice Cream
French Fries
Leisure Activity
Watching TV
Popular Mechanics
Memory with a Child
Taking them to hockey games
All of the memories with my students
Memory with Spouse
Spending the night at a beach hotel on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Driving through the snow and going sledding after he proposed to me.
The Fast And The Furious series
Movie Munchie
Soft pretzel with cheese
Movie Quote
"Heros get remembered, but legends never die"
Movie Type
The Greatest Showman
Musical Group
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Dale Earnhardt
My Parents
The Phantom of the Opera
Quality about my Spouse
Her ability to turn anything into a positive situation
His random, but hilarious jokes that make everyone laugh
"Who you are is defined by what your willing to struggle for"
"It could happen!"
Any Taqueria
Chili's everyday!
Chicken Bacon Ranch
Tuna on White Bread
Shopping Store
Bass Pro Shop
"Dirt Road Anthem" Brantley Gilbert
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Hockey or Football
Sports Star
J.J Watt
Will Clark
Sports Team
San Jose Sharks
San Jose Sharks
Subject in School
Math and Science
Thing to Cook
Pizza in our Pizza Oven
I love to cook anything from a recipe
Time of Day
Going to the same Steakhouse for our Anniversary every year
Going to the beach house every summer
TV Show
The Big Bang Theory
TV Show Character
Walter from Breaking Bad
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
The Beach
Video Game
Mario Kart
Super Mario World

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