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Douglas & Vickie

We are a fun-loving and very family oriented couple. We have a ton of love and laughter to share with a child. We enjoy exploring and trying new activities with our kids and can not wait for the new addition to our family to be included in on the fun. We're looking forward to this adventure and we're truly thankful you're considering us!

About Us

Director of Research
High School Degree
Master's Degree in Business Administration
Legally Married

Our Passions

Four Wheeling in Greece

Our number one passion as a couple is food. We love cooking, baking or going out to eat to try new dishes. We love taking the kids to new restaurants and getting them to try new things. Their faces are always priceless - the surprised it was actually good face or the told ya face. Brunch on Sunday has become a weekly staple in our house, Douglas is always trying to find a new way to make eggs and Vickie is always experimenting with waffles. We love when the kids are here because it turns into a huge family event with lots of laughs. We can't wait to add another little one into the fun.

Our second passion is traveling. Douglas’ ideal vacation is getting in the car and driving across the country on a road trip. Vickie likes to hop on a plane and see a new country. Our compromise is to alternate between a road trip in the States and a trip abroad each year. Our last trip was to Greece where Douglas got to experience Vickie's culture first hand. We enjoyed seeing the sights, hanging out with family and trying all the food. Our third passion is the outdoors. We love to go on hikes, walk the trail and take a boat out onto the water. We are lucky to live in an area with a lot of beautiful nature to explore.

Our Family Traditions

We love the traditions that we have, and can't wait to make more! Vickie's mom bought her an ornament every year until eighteen. It was fun as a kid for her to put up her ornaments and remember the different years. Now living on her own, it is fun to fill our tree with ornaments from Vickie's childhood. Since getting together, Vickie has continued the tradition with ornaments marking our family's milestones and she is excited to continue this with our child.

We enjoy all the traditional holiday activities such as cookie baking at Christmas, egg dying at Easter, and watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July. Vickie loves making photo books. She makes a photo book for every trip we take and a photo "yearbook" for every year. It is always fun to go through the books together as a family or with friends when they visit. We are so excited to share all of these traditions and many more with a child!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Hockey Game

Vickie about Douglas: Douglas is the most positive and fun person I know. He is always cracking jokes and making sure people around him are having a good time. He is warm, adventurous, generous, and makes a mean Sunday brunch. He is an encouraging and supportive father to his children. He makes sure to do things with his kids that he knows they are interested in - going to sporting events with Eddie and shopping with the girls. I know he will be a wonderful father to our child.

Douglas about Vickie: Vickie is selfless, reliable and encouraging. She made my children feel like family since day one, and for that, I will forever be thankful. She has formed relationships with all three of them and is an amazing stepmom. Already seeing her in action, I know she will make a phenomenal mother to our child. She is the planner of the family and keeps us all organized and on time. Vickie is the calmest and most patient person that I have ever met. She is always ready to handle anything.



Meeting Our Granddaughter for the First Time
Meeting Our Granddaughter for the First Time
Family Paint Night
Family Paint Night
Visiting Old Town in San Diego
Visiting Old Town in San Diego
Dolphin Fun!
Dolphin Fun!
At the Zoo with Our Granddaughter
At the Zoo with Our Granddaughter
Christmas Time Town Decorations
Christmas Time Town Decorations
Family Lunch Selfie!
Family Lunch Selfie!
Karaoke with Ginny
Karaoke with Ginny
Back from the Dog Park
Back from the Dog Park
Flying Back Home
Flying Back Home
Natalie with Papa
Natalie with Papa
NYC Elevator
NYC Elevator
1 / 12
Meeting Our Granddaughter for the First Time
Meeting Our Granddaughter for the First Time
2 / 12
Family Paint Night
Family Paint Night
3 / 12
Visiting Old Town in San Diego
Visiting Old Town in San Diego
4 / 12
Dolphin Fun!
Dolphin Fun!
5 / 12
At the Zoo with Our Granddaughter
At the Zoo with Our Granddaughter
6 / 12
Christmas Time Town Decorations
Christmas Time Town Decorations
7 / 12
Family Lunch Selfie!
Family Lunch Selfie!
8 / 12
Karaoke with Ginny
Karaoke with Ginny
9 / 12
Back from the Dog Park
Back from the Dog Park
10 / 12
Flying Back Home
Flying Back Home
11 / 12
Natalie with Papa
Natalie with Papa
12 / 12
NYC Elevator
NYC Elevator

Our Extended Families

Doug and His Grandma

We are both extremely close to our families and see them quite often even though we live in different states. Douglas has one brother, one sister, three nephews, and one niece that all live in Missouri. Vickie has one sister and several extremely close first cousins that she treats like her siblings. Vickie's parents, sister and brother-in-law all live in Illinois.

We travel to Illinois and Missouri often to spend holidays together, celebrate events, or just hang out. Vickie's family loves having friends and extended family over for the holidays. Christmas and Easter are typically huge family gatherings with traditional Greek food, board games, and festive activities. Douglas' grandmother is very involved in her church and every time we visit we always go to Sunday mass with her. We are looking forward to sharing all these experiences with our child.

Vickie with Her Mom and Sister

Vickie's parents are less than a year away from retirement and can't wait to visit Virginia often to hang out with their grandchild. They are already planning ways to spoil him or her. Vickie's sister and brother-in-law are excited to be the "cool aunt and uncle". Ginny, Abby, Eddie and our four-legged child, Zoie, are all extremely excited to expand the family! We are incredibly blessed with loving and supportive families who are excited to join us on this adoption journey.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home's Backyard

We sold our home in Illinois two years ago to move to Virginia for Vickie's career. We have been feeling out the area since moving here and have decided on which suburb we would like to purchase our future home in. We are currently renting a two bedroom apartment in our desired suburb. Our apartment is on the first floor with a patio that opens up to a big grassy area ideal for playing outside. Vickie loves decorating the patio with flowers every spring and summer.

Our Living Room

Our rental community is extremely friendly with a lot of families with young children. On the property, there is a pool and a playground. The area has a lot of playgrounds and pools to choose from. There is a waterpark, a children's zoo, and a lot of walking trails right by us. There is also a town center that puts on a lot of family activities and festivals throughout the year. This is a great area to raise a family in!

From Us to You

Hello! We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to get to know us a little better. We imagine that this is one of the most difficult and selfless decisions that you will make in your life. We are not perfect and we will probably make some mistakes, but one thing we can guarantee is that we will unconditionally love your child. We will support, nurture and encourage your little one to help him or her grow into a strong, independent and kind person. We look forward to that journey and all the beautiful memories that we will make on the way.

We have been husband and wife for two years. We met four years ago on a dating website and were inseparable just weeks after our first date. For the most part we are polar opposites which creates the perfect balance for our marriage. Douglas is outgoing, outspoken and easily excited while Vickie is shy, quiet and calm. Importantly, we value the same things - family, commitment, communication, trust, patience and love. We have learned that there isn’t anything we can’t handle as long as we work together. We definitely are each other's best friend and that has made it easy to have a committed, honest and loving marriage.

We know blood is not what makes a family and how a family comes to be is not what is important. What is important is simply the desire and commitment to create a family that is full of love, respect, openness, trust and encouragement.

Please know that we will be open and honest with your child on their adoption story. They will know that you are a wonderful person that made this selfless decision out of love and courage for him or her. We will be honest and answer all of his or her questions on adoption as best as we can. He or she will know how much we honor and respect you. We will celebrate adoption day every year and honor your gift to us - allowing us to share our love and home with your child. If you wish, we are open to sending photos and updates to you as your child grows and experiences life.

We both have wonderful people in our lives that are looking forward to meeting your child. If you choose us, your child will not only be adopted into a loving and stable home, he or she will also have siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents that cannot wait to adore him or her. Your child will always have a support system that is much larger than the two of us, as we have numerous family members that will be proactive in his or her life.

We promise that your child will always feel safe, protected and loved. We promise that they will be encouraged to follow their passions. We promise to instill in them that they are capable of accomplishing great things. We promise to teach him or her how to handle life’s challenges, to learn from them, and to rise above. We promise that your child will laugh and play and have plenty of time to just be a kid. We promise that they will have many stamps in their passports from traveling to Greece and other countries. We promise that we will take him or her to Disneyland, allow them to swim with dolphins, and see the various landmarks in the States.

We would like to thank you again for taking the time to read our profile.

Wishing you all the best,

Douglas & Vickie


Tom Hanks
Betty White
Stephen Davis
Hammer of the Gods: Led Zeppelin Unauthorized
Candy Bar
Reese Peanut Butter Cup
The Flintstones
Looney Tunes
Childhood Memory
Playing outdoors, Camping, Fishing
Adventures my sister and I would go on in our basement
Childhood Toy
Big Wheel
Children's Book
Where the red fern grows
Goodnight Moon
Classic Movie
The Lost Boys
The Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
Chocolate cake
Ice Cream Sundae
Disney Movie
Lion King
Dream Car
76 Chevelle SS
Audi A6
Dream Vacation
Cruise around the world
Family Activity
Board games
Double bacon cheeseburger
Form of Exercise
Hasbro Monopoly
4th of July
Holiday Song
Jingle Bells
This Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Dinner with family
Getting together with family
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Watching 80's TV/Movie
Memory with a Child
Too many to pick
First time meeting my granddaughter
Memory with Spouse
First date
First Date
Devil Wears Prada
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.
Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.
Movie Type
Musical Group
Led Zeppelin
Nursery Rhyme
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Olympic Event
Summer games
Personal Hero
Fred Rogers
Edgar Allan Poe
Quality about my Spouse
Very kind/caring
Get busy living or get busy dying
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken
Mon Ami Gabi
Mon Ami Gabi
Italian beef sandwich with mozzarella
Grilled Cheese
Psalm 5:3
Shopping Store
Mens Warehouse
Life's Been Good
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Paul Konerko
Sports Team
White Sox
Chicago Blackhawks
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Family Meal
Sunday Brunch
TV Show
The Wonder Years
TV Show Character
Joey from Friends
Type of Music
Classic Rock
Vacation Spot
Anywhere tropical
Video Game
Sonic the Hedgehog

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