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Sean & Kristen

We are grateful for all we have and cannot wait to share it with a new family member. In our lives, we prioritize gratitude, openness and a sense of empathy for ourselves and our community. We love doing and learning new things, enjoying all of what life brings. We like to get outdoors and travel to new places. We are excited about a child joining the adventure and adding to the fun!

About Us

International Development
Master's Degree in Business
Master's Degree in Public Policy
Legally Married

Our Professional Lives

At a Wedding in Charleston

We both have careers that involve public service. Sean was in the Navy for many years, and Kristen works for the U.S. government currently. In her role she helps women and children in countries all around the world go to school and make a better lives for themselves. She provides life saving assistance to people living in conflict and crisis situations. Sean just finished a second masters degree in business, and works to help find new resources for energy.

The importance of public service comes from our parents, and grandparents who were in the Navy. When we were young we were taught to follow our passions. While our families were not wealthy, they prioritized our education. They taught us that finding and following our dreams was incredibly important. Lastly, they showed us that obstacles and challenges happen but can be overcome with hard work and dedication. When we face challenges today, especially in our work, we draw on these core values.

We are immensely grateful, never entitled and always optimistic about the next opportunity life brings.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

All Dressed Up at the Kennedy Center

Sean About Kristen: Kristen's favorite things are reading, clouds, coffee on a cold morning, yoga, laughter and planning where to go for our next trip. Kristen believes in positive energy and the deep connection between people. Kristen is described by her friends as resilient, very caring, and mindful.

Kristen is an amazingly caring and compassionate person, always putting others needs in front of her own. Her passion for helping others and determination to make a difference led her to a career of developing programs to help women and children around the world. She has an amazing ability to sense the energy of those around her and strives to provide unwavering support to those she cares about. She quickly developed a strong bond with our nieces and nephew when she first met them. I know her empathy and loving nature would make her a wonderful mom and would care greatly for any addition to our family.

Kristen About Sean: Sean's favorite things are the color green, going on runs, coffee at any time, snowboarding, nerding out with statistics, and planning our trips. Friends describe Sean as loyal, logical, steady, and empathetic. Sean always puts the needs of others high and makes life wonderful for those around him.

Sean was born to be a dad! He raised his younger brother who was born when he was 16. They have been best friends ever since and have recently planned trips to visit every baseball stadium in the United States! He is patient, loving and sincere. He is a leader and support system for me and many others. We are a great team -- Sean is a night owl which is a great balance for my early bird! He also loves the chores I hate -- like taking out the trash and cleaning the kitchen. His nieces and nephews light up when he comes in the room.

Our Family Traditions

Our Family

We love to travel, exercise and cook meals together. We like spending time at festivals and outdoor events — D.C. has so many! We have a great, diverse friend group, we often host them for brunches at our house.

We also love traveling to new places and learning about new cultures. We spend holidays with our families in Texas and New Hampshire. Kristen's family is from Louisiana and Oklahoma and Sean's is originally from Texas and Florida.

We have lived in rural, suburban and urban areas. We love traveling around the United State, meeting new people and learning about communities. We can't wait to hear about your hometown. Sean's favorite holiday is the 4th of July (the D.C. fireworks are amazing!) and Kristen's is Thanksgiving (she loves to cook!)

Every year is a different adventure with our families. Kristen's family likes to try out new places for skiing. Sean's family loves big festive potluck meals. We are creating the new traditions for our own small family. We love cooking breakfast on Sunday mornings, playing chess, and going on long walks.



Kristen + Sean
Kristen + Sean
Kristen With Our Nieces & Nephew
Kristen With Our Nieces & Nephew
Christmas in Europe
Christmas in Europe
Riding an Elephant in Thailand
Riding an Elephant in Thailand
Sean & His Brother at a Football Game
Sean & His Brother at a Football Game
At the Beach
At the Beach
Blue Waters of the Maldives
Blue Waters of the Maldives
At a Summer Festival
At a Summer Festival
Visiting Iceland
Visiting Iceland
Roofs Over Lisbon, Portugal
Roofs Over Lisbon, Portugal
1 / 12
Kristen + Sean
Kristen + Sean
2 / 12
Kristen With Our Nieces & Nephew
Kristen With Our Nieces & Nephew
3 / 12
Christmas in Europe
Christmas in Europe
4 / 12
Riding an Elephant in Thailand
Riding an Elephant in Thailand
5 / 12
6 / 12
Sean & His Brother at a Football Game
Sean & His Brother at a Football Game
7 / 12
At the Beach
At the Beach
8 / 12
Blue Waters of the Maldives
Blue Waters of the Maldives
9 / 12
At a Summer Festival
At a Summer Festival
10 / 12
Visiting Iceland
Visiting Iceland
11 / 12
12 / 12
Roofs Over Lisbon, Portugal
Roofs Over Lisbon, Portugal

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Light Filled Living Room

We love our small community in Washington, D.C. We live in a great neighborhood called 'Shaw' where everyone walks or bikes from place to place.

Our Home

Our apartment is quaint and light filled. An entire wall in the living room is windows and we love spending the morning drinking coffee in the light. Our cat, Mr. Sullivan, loves curling up in the sun, especially during the winter. Our current apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. We recently updated the second bedroom. Its very cosy and has a beautiful rug we got in Morocco. We also have a lovely outdoor porch and roof deck. In the summer, we host friends for dinner outside.

Our area and building are very family friendly. Many have lived in the area for a long time, and we have forged great friendships. Every Halloween we sit outside and give out candy to all the neighborhood kids, and love seeing their costumes. Our favorite neighbors just had a sweet little girl and we enjoy spending time with all three of them now.

Beyond our small neighborhood we enjoy all the vast activities D.C. has to offer — many within 20-minute walk of our home. Parks, museums, and monuments — it's an amazing city for kids to learn and be active.

Our Extended Families

Kristen's Family

Most of Sean's family is from Texas and Kristen's is from Louisiana and Connecticut. We were each raised in Navy families -- so we both lived all over the United States as kids. Combined, we've lived in North Carolina, California, Colorado, Connecticut, New York, Tennessee, Texas Hawaii, Florida -- we even lived in South Carolina at the same time!

Sean & His Brother

Sean is one of four kids and Kristen is one of two. Sean's younger brother was born when he was 16, so Sean helped raise him and today they are very close. Kristen has a younger sister who lives on the West coast.

Family get togethers are lots of fun. We love laughing and cooking with our families over the holidays. Sean's sister has three kids -- our nieces and nephew in Texas that we love. Over the holidays, we enjoy spending time with our families skiing in Colorado or visiting the beach in North Carolina.

From Us to You

We are Kristen and Sean, and we live and work in Washington D.C. with our Siamese cat, Mr. Sullivan. We have been together for seven wonderful years (and married for two). During this time we have built a strong relationship based on love, empathy, and respect. We have grown in our relationship and as individuals.

We love doing and learning new things, enjoying all of what life brings. We like to get outdoors and travel to new places. Our small community in Washington D.C. is the perfect place to build our family. We feel that adoption is the perfect way to have a child to join our wonderful and adventurous life.

Kristen first learned what adoption was when she was in 5th grade, when she saw a movie about a young girl adopted from Vietnam. In the movie, she goes on to become a world famous spelling champion! Kristen was hooked and has been excited about the idea of adoption ever since. Sean had also considered adoption for a long time because of how much he loved helping the children in his life grow.

When we met we decided together that adoption matched our values. While we also talked about having a child on our own, we decided that we could do so much good in the world through adoption. Adoption is not our back-up option, it is something we have been drawn to on a spiritual level.

We are hoping for an open adoption where we can work as a team for the best interest of the child. We want to help a child experience all the joy and excitement that life has to offer. We promise to raise the child in a loving home that is deeply empathetic. We both believe that empathy, being able to understand another person's point of view or perspective, is the most important character one can have.

We focus on being mindful with any challenge we face as a couple or individuals. By this we mean talking things out and working through problems together. We name and talk through our emotions and where they come from. We problem solve together. So too, we will teach the child the foundation of empathy and work with him or her to practice empathy throughout life. We love adventure, and will give the child every chance possible to see and explore the world.

We believe that action and activity are critical and that children learn by doing, with the careful support of their parents, in a trusting and open environment. We are grateful for all we have and cannot wait to share it with our child.

In our lives, we prioritize gratitude, openness and a sense of empathy for ourselves and our community. We would be forever grateful to you and deeply empathetic for your experience. We are open to the relationship that you envision for yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We can't wait to learn about you and your story! We understand this is an important decision and you must have so much on your mind. We wish you warmth and comfort during this time.

Sean & Kristen


Parker Posey
Michael Crichton
Brene Brown
Animal Farm
Candy Bar
Childhood Memory
Going up to Vermont in the fall
Camping in Yellowstone National Park
Childhood Toy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
My Little Pony
Children's Book
Go Dog Go
Love You to the Moon and Back
Light pink
Day of Week
Brownies and Ice Cream
Pumpkin Pie
Disney Movie
Wreck-It Ralph
Little Mermaid
Dream Car
Dodge Challenger
Dream Vacation
New Zealand
Family Activity
Anything outside and traveling!
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Biking and Yoga
Banana (with peanut butter)
Connect Four
4th of July
Holiday Song
All I Want for Christmas is You!
Holiday Tradition
Putting the presents together Christmas Eve while the kids are sleeping
Decorating cookies
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Long walks
The New Yorker
Memory with a Child
Cross-country trip with my little brother when he was 11
Memory with Spouse
Exploring Christmas Markets in Vienna
Watching the Sunset on the Cliffs of Portugal
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
You've Got Mail
Movie Munchie
Sour Patch Kids
Trail Mix
Movie Type
Musical Group
Linkin Park
Olympic Event
4x400 Relay
Ice Skating
Quality about my Spouse
How Daring She Is to Others
His Patience
Turkey on Sourdough
Shopping Store
Waiting for the End
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Mookie Betts
Sports Team
Boston Red Sox
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Anything I can grill
Yummy veggie soups and hummus
Time of Day
TV Show
Real Housewives on Bravo
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Tulum, Mexico
Video Game
Clash of Clans

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