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Andrew & Eve

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! We are Andrew and Eve! An uncommon military couple, that lives life in different languages, considers home where we are together, and believe that everything happens for a reason. We dream of building a family together and we thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. Keep reading, we think you'll like us!

About Us

First Sergeant - U.S. Marine Corps
Marketing Project Manager
High School
Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Politics
AJ, Esteban
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Andrew & AJ at Disney

We chose adoption because building a family is one of our strongest desires. Since we have been together, early in the relationship, we have discussed building a family together. Although we do not have any children together, Andrew has two children; AJ and Esteban. AJ is 12-years-old and lives in Texas with his mother. He loves basketball and playing golf. Esteban is 8-years-old and lives in North Carolina with his mother. Esteban is an avid swimmer.

We have tried to conceive for a while and we tried fertility treatments without being successful. Despite the heartache of being unable to conceive, the desire to be parents and have a family together remains very strong. Adoption will allow us to fulfill this dream and finally have a family of our own. We are very excited to pursue this process and meet our future child!

Our Lifestyle

Out to Dinner

We both have a very busy work schedule, but we love making time to have fun together. We like to eat well and stay fit. We enjoy working out together and even competing a little cycling. We go out to have a nice meal or watch a movie.

Our dogs keep us busy as well, we enjoy walks on trails or on the beach with them and playing in the yard with them.

Eve likes to play the drums now for 3 years and has been working on some CCR tracks, which are a lot of fun. She also sews, and has started to work on some baby pieces which she is enjoying very much. She is very creative and enjoys making jewelry or revamping an old piece of furniture into something great!

Andrew is a fit fanatic, he spends a lot of time running, cycling and working out. From cross fit to team sport, he is good at pretty much anything when it comes to sports. It's crucial for his job as a Marine to be in the best shape possible and it's an integral part of our life. He is a Dallas Cowboys fan, and doesn't miss a game. He loves watching a good action movie.

Our Life Priorities

We are coming to end of a chapter with Andrew's retirement from the Marine Corps coming in a few years. For us, this means settling down somewhere we chose to and not imposed by orders, somewhere that we like and had the time to pick, decorate and make it our own (not just for a year or two). A place we know we will be happy there with everything that we need to build our family. This could be in Texas to be closer to Andrew's family or California where we still own a house that we love.

That also means a change of pace, more time to spend together and a stronger focus on family instead of career. That means more time to laugh, love and be happy. More time to do things together, take care of one another, and grow together as a family.

We are excited for this new chapter, for a child to come in our lives and for us to focus our time and energy on our family.



We Can't Wait to Become Parents Together!
We Can't Wait to Become Parents Together!
Eve & Her Niece
Eve & Her Niece
Relaxing in Zanzibar
Relaxing in Zanzibar
All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up
Exploring Chile
Exploring Chile
Sailing in Abu Dhabi
Sailing in Abu Dhabi
LA Trip
LA Trip
Escape Room Fun With AJ
Escape Room Fun With AJ
Ready for a Helicopter Ride
Ready for a Helicopter Ride
Brunch Date
Brunch Date
Enjoying the View in Canada
Enjoying the View in Canada
Visiting a Winery
Visiting a Winery
1 / 12
We Can't Wait to Become Parents Together!
We Can't Wait to Become Parents Together!
2 / 12
Eve & Her Niece
Eve & Her Niece
3 / 12
Relaxing in Zanzibar
Relaxing in Zanzibar
4 / 12
All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up
5 / 12
Exploring Chile
Exploring Chile
6 / 12
Sailing in Abu Dhabi
Sailing in Abu Dhabi
7 / 12
LA Trip
LA Trip
8 / 12
Escape Room Fun With AJ
Escape Room Fun With AJ
9 / 12
Ready for a Helicopter Ride
Ready for a Helicopter Ride
10 / 12
Brunch Date
Brunch Date
11 / 12
Enjoying the View in Canada
Enjoying the View in Canada
12 / 12
Visiting a Winery
Visiting a Winery

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We currently live in a neighborhood surrounded by children. There is a community pool, tennis and basketball courts, and inside and outside play areas for kids. The house we are renting has five bedrooms and lots of space to play, including a nice backyard with lots of trees. The baby will have her/his private room.

The families in our neighborhood come from everywhere and are mostly military. They understand the lifestyle and are very supportive of one another. They are quick to offer help and kids get together through the Facebook community group that organizes activities.

Once Andrew retires from the military, the choice of our permanent residence will be based on the community. We will be looking for a place that has a great sense of community, with families that have kids, great schools nearby and lots of things to do as a family.

Our Extended Families


We have been moving quite a lot in the last four years. We create memories with our family and cherish the time we get to spend with them when they visit us.

Andrew's oldest son, AJ, came to visit us last summer and we surprised him with a trip to Disney. We had a blast together!

Eve's family came down to visit us for her dad's 75th birthday. Eve's brother, nieces and nephews were there for a week of activities: hiking, fishing, and way too much eating!

Winery Visit With Eve's Mom

Despite the distance, we are a tight family that speaks on the phone every week. We are hoping to get closer to them when Andrew retires from the Marine Corps in 2-3 years.

Our parents and brothers are very supportive of our adoption plans. They have seen us trying to build a family through fertility and were extremely supportive. Adoption seems the best options in their eyes as long as we are happy and can have a family of our own, that's what matters to them.

From Us to You

We met in Dubai almost five years ago now. It was no coincidence. While Andrew was deployed there for a limited time, Eve had been spending a decade working there. We were both looking to meet someone but nothing serious, just someone with similar interests we could spend time with. We both got caught by surprise, it felt like we knew each other for a long time, so natural and comfortable. Love that is. We spent every moment possible together knowing that Andrew would leave back to the U.S. Life took charge of keeping us together, Eve had a offer to transfer to the U.S. and next thing you know, we were reunited, Andrew proposed and we got married. You can say it felt like it was meant to be. Life was giving us such a great gift to be able to continue our love story.

We don't know if you believe that life has a plan of its own.

We do believe it even more today. After going through infertility treatments, Eve's heart was broken. She was never be able to conceive, and would never know what it is to carry a child, bonding and delivering life. It was hard to accept. But, life has a plan for us. And that we are meant to cross paths. You are reading this now, considering us to become parents of your child. That's no coincidence.

Our desire is greater and stronger than ever to build a family. The process is not easy, probably even harder for you. It's hard to put words and explain how strong those feelings are that keeps us going, when imagining this little baby in our arms, the memories we will build together, the willingness to give ourselves unconditionally for that little person, and how grateful we are that you are considering us.

We want to give this child the best life possible, options to chose from, a stable environment where he or she can strive and grow, and a big and tight family. We will give this child unconditional love and support. We have no doubt we can provide all of this and more.

We want our child to grow knowing that there is a special person(s) that gave us the gift of life, that made our family possible. An angel(s). We want our child to know you, for the amazing selfless and generous being(s) that you are. We will be forever grateful.

We want this relationship to be based on honesty and respect. We want to share moments with you, celebrate achievements, send you drawings, pictures and letters or emails. We are happy with the occasional phone calls. More importantly, we want to build a relationship were we both feel comfortable and have a great understanding of each other's needs and boundaries. If this is not what you want, we will respect this. If you change your mind, we will be there to talk this through.

Eve has started to write to our child to tell this story in a book called I Wish for You. This is a great story, with lots of emotions and amazing people that is making this family possible.

We are so excited for this story, and feel it was meant to be. We believe that!

Andrew & Eve


Kevin Hart
The Rock; I like to think that Andrew is my own version of Dwayne Johnson hehe
Jennifer Anniston and Sandra Bullock
Charlize Theron, she is soooo pretty and badass
Llama, they are just too funny, Dogs and Cats are the best though
Jim Stoppani
Stieg Larsson and Stephenie Meyer
Encyclopedia of Muscle and Strenghth
The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Toutou
Candy Bar
Anything with chocolate and coconut
The Mysterious Cities of Gold and The Adventures of Asterix, I watched french cartoons when I was a kid and they are still my favorites
Childhood Memory
Family gathering to watch the Dallas Cowboys at the Super Bowl
Going to the lake every summer with my family, uncles, aunts and cousins.
Childhood Toy
GI Joes
Cannelle (Cinnamon in french), my 38 years old teddy bear. She still has a special place in our bedroom.
Children's Book
The Little Prince- Antoine de Saint-Exupery
San Diego
Barcelona for the food and shopping and Quebec City, so pretty and feels like home
Classic Movie
E.T counts as a classic right? :)
Day of Week
Sundays are the best
Carrot cake
Anything with chocolate and coconut
Disney Movie
Lilo and Stitch; I love the sound track!
Dream Car
Ford Raptor
1970 Chevelle SS
Dream Job
FBI agent
I would be the lady that renovates houses on TV
Dream Vacation
I've traveled a lot: Thailand is one of my favorite places, beautiful beaches, amazing food and people.
Family Activity
Anything that gets us moving; walking hiking golfing, cooking a good meal, playing cards
Flower / Plant
Anything orange
Asian or french food is my favorite
Form of Exercise
Weight training
Weight training and pilates
Raspberries and bananas
Black cherries
I love a good game of UNO
Weight training
I do pilates on a reformer, I play the drums, I like to sew, I like to revamp furniture
4th of July
Summer holidays have a special feel to it. My mother was a teacher and was on holiday all summer growing up. We use to do so much during the summer.
Holiday Song
Proud to be an American
Holiday Tradition
Make a bbq
During that Summer holiday, we used to go every year to Reford Garden, in my home town. It's a beautiful place. I still go when I visit my parents.
Ice Cream
Orange sorbet
Vanilla and chocolate twirl dipped in chocolate cone
Junk Food
Carne Asada fries
French fries
Leisure Activity
Weight training
Men's Health
I don't read much of those but always likes to flip through a Vogue magazine
Memory with a Child
Taking AJ to Disney
Teaching my goddaughter to ski
Memory with Spouse
First Valentine with Eve on this private Island in Dubai
Our first trip together in Tanzania, snorkeling with so many fishes hand in hand
Ugly Truth and Playing for Keeps and Chasing Mavericks
E.T and Flashdance
Movie Munchie
Popcorn and Reese's pieces
Popcorn or chips
Movie Quote
"So it's not going to be easy. It's going to be really hard! We are gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you. Forever. You and me ... every day." The notebook
"Come bother me baby, come bother me for the rest of my life" The Choice
Movie Type
I'm very versatile; I like the action stuff, romcom, a good thriller and even the scarier ones
Musical Group
Five Finger Death Punch
My music taste changes with the circumstances: Chris Stapleton or Kane Brow when I cook or dinner time, Godsmack for a good workout, 90s alternative in the car, 70s rock when I play the drum
Nursery Rhyme
"Ma mere chantait toujour" from Fabienne Thibault. Its a mother signing to her daughter, sharing the link if you want to listen:
Olympic Event
100 meter dash
Alpine Skiing, I was a alpine ski racer growing up
Personal Hero
General Mattis
My mom, for everything that she is and gave me
Edgar Allen Poe
Pablo Neruda
Quality about my Spouse
Big heart
Strong, driven, intelligent man
You live and you learn
If you do not like where you are, move. You are not a tree. -Buddha
Dave and Busters
If they serve brunch, I like it!
Grilled cheese with bacon :)
Shopping Store
I like discovering those small boutiques.
The Bleeding by Five Fingers Death Punch
Where is My Mind? Pixies
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Alpine skiing and hockey. I'm Canadian after all :)
Sports Star
Micheal Irvin
Back then I was in love with Alberto Tomba aka The Bomba. He was an Italian alpine ski racer.
Sports Team
Dallas Cowboys
Montreal Canadian Go Habs Go!
Subject in School
Everything but Math.
Thing to Cook
Breakfast pancakes
Time of Day
Sunset, its just so beautiful
Xmas dinner
French Canadian will give you a kiss on the cheek when they meet
TV Show
Homeland, American Horror Story, Walking Dead
TV Show Character
Al Bundy
Alcid in True Blood and any of the characters on Friends
Type of Music
Alternative rock
Country, 90's alternative, 70's rock
Vacation Spot
Beach and sun!
Video Game
Mortal Combat

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