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Nate & Lisa

We consider our role as parents to be one of the greatest privileges we have in this life. To us, being a great parent means being a loving spouse, and modeling how to love and respect one another. It means showing our kids how to work hard, accept responsibility, forgive, and help others in need. We cannot wait to see how our family will grow through adoption again.

About Us

Elementary School Principal
Stay-at-Home Parent
Master's Degree in Educational Leadership
Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership
Carter (7), Isaiah (4), Silas (2)
Legally Married

How Adoption has Affected Us Personally

Batman Birthday Party!

It was on a trip to Cambodia, in the first two years of our marriage that we were both overcome with the desire to grow our family through adoption. We began working with a local adoption agency and several years in to our journey we received a phone call from a family friend. She had just run in to an acquaintance who was making adoption plans that weekend. That phone call was the beginning of what would be six exciting months of OB visits, baby showers, and the opportunity to witness the birth of our son, Carter James. We still have contact with Carter's birth mom and are pleased to share the joys of watching him grow.

As soon as Cater joined our family we knew we wanted to continue growing our family through adoption. It wasn't long before we started the process again. On November 2 we were awakened by a phone call at 2 a.m. from our social worker. A baby had been born and we were chosen to be his parents. We were on a flight by 5 a.m., on our way to meet our son. It was the adventure of a lifetime and we cherish the memories of Isaiah's birth. He is such a delight and we are thankful to have a beautiful relationship with his birthparents as well. When we started our third adoption we were very comfortable with the process and excited to be matched in a very short time. Silas was born on Christmas Eve in 2016. As soon as we got the news we woke Carter and Isaiah up to open their Christmas presents. Once all the gifts under the tree were opened we gave them the best surprise of all. We had one more gift waiting for us in Texas, a healthy baby boy! It is such a joy to watch our boys grow up together and are so excited about the thought of adding one more child to the mix.

Life Priorities

Family Fun!

As a family we have chosen a set of values that influence our decisions and life direction. Our values are: Honor God, love people, use our gifts to pursue our passions, celebrate life, and always remain faithful to our family. We highly value family! We look forward to raising our children to live by the same set of values in order to grow up to be healthy adults who can bring great change to our world.

It is our desire to raise our children with a global understanding that teaches them to care for one another. We will always work hard to provide them with opportunities to experience life to the full! We don't value things. It wont matter how fancy our cars are, or if we have the biggest TV, what will last are the times we spent as a family, laughing together, and helping our world become a better place.

Discussing Adoption

The Porch Life

Adoption is a common value weaved throughout both of our families so it's not uncommon to talk about adoption. Nate's two younger sisters are adopted and Lisa has a cousin who has adopted four children. We both have individual and mutual friends who are adopted and who have adopted. God began planting the seeds of adoption in both of us from a young age. Even before we were married we talked about growing our family through adoption and it was one thing that made us realize we have very similar values.

Adoption has shaped us as parents and we can't think of a better opportunity in this life than to grow our family through adoption again. We see our role in raising our children as the most important job we will ever have. We have been able to experience the joy of adoption as Carter, Isaiah, and Silas entered our family. We know that a child's adoption story is one to be honored and cherished. We look forward to teaching our children about how they came to be a part of our family. This will involve open, honest stories and conversations about who they are as individuals and the brave choice their birth parents made to express their love through adoption.



Front Yard Tire Swings Shenanigans!
Front Yard Tire Swings Shenanigans!
Bedtime Stories!
Bedtime Stories!
At the Pumpkin Patch with This Pumpkin
At the Pumpkin Patch with This Pumpkin
A Visit to the Eiffel Towel
A Visit to the Eiffel Towel
Out for a Stroll
Out for a Stroll
Three Generations of Builders
Three Generations of Builders
Time for S'mores!
Time for S'mores!
Tower of Fun
Tower of Fun
Tie Dying
Tie Dying
Building with Grandpa
Building with Grandpa
Snuggles with Si
Snuggles with Si
This Sums Up Our Life Pretty Well!
This Sums Up Our Life Pretty Well!
1 / 12
Front Yard Tire Swings Shenanigans!
Front Yard Tire Swings Shenanigans!
2 / 12
Bedtime Stories!
Bedtime Stories!
3 / 12
At the Pumpkin Patch with This Pumpkin
At the Pumpkin Patch with This Pumpkin
4 / 12
A Visit to the Eiffel Towel
A Visit to the Eiffel Towel
5 / 12
Out for a Stroll
Out for a Stroll
6 / 12
Three Generations of Builders
Three Generations of Builders
7 / 12
Time for S'mores!
Time for S'mores!
8 / 12
Tower of Fun
Tower of Fun
9 / 12
Tie Dying
Tie Dying
10 / 12
Building with Grandpa
Building with Grandpa
11 / 12
Snuggles with Si
Snuggles with Si
12 / 12
This Sums Up Our Life Pretty Well!
This Sums Up Our Life Pretty Well!

Our Extended Families

Grandma Reading with the Boys

As part of our core values, family is very important to us! Both of our parents are eager to be present in the lives of their grandchildren and take great interest in caring for them in a way only grandparents can.

With both Nate's parents and Lisa's parents living nearby, we get together regularly. Holiday's together, special trips and sleepovers with grandmas and grandpas are all memories our children will have.

A Family Pic on the Ferry Boat

In addition to our parent's help in raising our children, we look to our siblings as well, who are also raising their young families. It's a fun privilege to be able to come together and share that experience with our siblings and for our children to have close relationships with their cousins. Since most of our extended family lives close by, with Nate's brother less than a mile away, we are fortunate to have time together on a regular basis. Everyone is so excited and supportive of our adoption plan. They can not wait to be a part of the child's life, and look forward to a bundle of joy to spoil with lots of love, hugs and kisses!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our House

Our home is a fun place to be! There seems to be something new and exciting happening all the time; a spontaneous wrestling match in the family room, art projects at the dinning room table, a blanket fort in the basement, or a racetrack through the living room.

We live two blocks away from three different parks, which we visit frequently. Our three boys act like they own the neighborhood as they cruise around the cul-de-sac on their bikes and scooters, play baseball in the front yard, or jump on the trampoline in the backyard.

We work hard to make sure our boys are being raised in an environment that represents diversity. We live in a diverse neighborhood, within walking distance to the local elementary school, where there are children from many different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

We love our community. Being just an hour's drive from Chicago allows us to take advantage of great activities like zoos, museums and shows, but still enjoy a quaint community with wonderful neighbors.

A family magazine named our city the 'Number One City in the Country for Families'. It's a great place to live and raise our family! Our home is just two blocks from a great elementary school, which means our neighborhood is filled with other young families just like ours.

From Us to You

We met in college and were married after we graduated in 2003. In the first few years of marriage our goal was to travel the world. We have been able to travel to many different countries and experience many different cultures. We have a heart for justice and have had opportunities to serve in over 10 different countries in the last 15 years. It was on our very first visit outside the USA that we discovered God had a very distinct design for growing our family, and it was adoption.

Currently, Nate works as an elementary school principal. He has been an educator for the past 13 years and truly loves teaching students! He connects with children in a positive way. He is able to discover and encourage the core desire in every child to learn, explore and celebrate life. Being a teacher and now a principal has taught him how important it is to fuel the love of learning and guard against the things in life that want to steal a child's joy.

Lisa just recently left the workplace and has become a stay at home mom. She enjoys being the one at home with the boys, walking the big kids to and from school, and caring for the needs of the little ones. This has become very anchoring for our family. As we prepare to grow our family once again we have adjusted our roles outside the home so that we are fully present to care for the needs of our young children. We really believe it's a gift to be able to give this level of care and attention to our kids while they are so young. When our son Carter entered our world it seemed our hearts grew twice their normal size. We were not even aware we could love someone so much! Being an adoptive mother and father has given us greater joy than we could ever imagine. When it came time to add to our family once again, adoption was the obvious answer. We are so excited to welcome another baby into our family again. We believe there is great value in the gift of siblings and we look forward to nurturing that lifelong companionship!

We have always dreamed of a big family and are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to grow our family once again. We are exited to provide your baby with a loving home; two parents, committed to a lifetime of love, and three big brothers. Our boys are so excited to welcome another baby in to our family. We believe that having siblings who are also adopted will be a benefit for our children as we celebrate each of their unique adoption stories. We know that having a big brother can give a child, someone to play with, learn from, and look up to.

We also know that since Carter, Isaiah and Silas are all biracial we are committed to growing our family in a diverse way. We welcome diversity in to our family! We have always dreamed of raising children from different backgrounds than ours and we are committed to finding ways to celebrate what makes us different as much as what makes us the same.

We delight in the role you will play, whatever you chose for that to be. You are significant to us and ALWAYS will be. We welcome your continued investment in your child's life. We are happy to send email updates, with pictures and stories, as well as letters with keepsakes that mark milestones in your child's life. We are also open to making arrangements for visits when the time is right. We are eager to know you and happy to work together to maintain a healthy relationship. We make this commitment to you that we will always speak highly of you and honor you with our words and actions. From our perspective, you have made a brave decision and we will always respect you for your choice. Our gratitude for your selflessness will be evident in our home.

Much love,

Nate & Lisa


Tom Hanks
Will Smith
Sandra Bullock
Julia Roberts
Bird of Paradise
C.S. Lewis
Angie Thomas
Blue Like Jazz
Daring Greatly, Brene Brown
Candy Bar
Tom and Jerry
Childhood Memory
Building Forts with my brothers in the woods
Going to my grandparents with my family for lunch every Sunday after church
Childhood Toy
GI Joe train set
Children's Book
The Giving Tree
When God Made Light
The one I'm about to explore
Classic Movie
The Three Amigos (Maybe not a classic but...)
Black & White
Day of Week
Ice Cream with fresh berriees
Chocolate Ice Cream
Disney Movie
Finding Nemo
Inside Out
Dream Car
Toyota Tacoma, 4wd extended cab, black, fully loaded.
BMW convertible
Dream Job
NFL Kicker.
Choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance
Dream Vacation
Trip around to world to new places with family and friends
Italy with friends
Family Activity
Doing projects together
Vacationing on Washington Island every summer
Flower / Plant
fresh cut lawn in late spring.
Form of Exercise
Strength Training
Nertz, card game
Building Projects
Holiday Song
Drummer Boy
O Holy Night
Holiday Tradition
Putting the ornaments on the tree and talking about how each one represents someone or a story.
The magic of Christmas morning: fresh homemade sticky buns, matching pjs, a Christmas story reading, opening gifts, spending the day together with family
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Chocolate peanut butter
Junk Food
Peanut M&Ms
French fries
Leisure Activity
Relaxing on our front porch watching the boys play
Sitting on my front porch, enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of sweet tea in the afternoon
Consumer Reports
Magnolia Home
Memory with a Child
Camping, long bike rides, building together
Watching my kids learn to ride their bikes
Memory with Spouse
Trip to London/Paris
Traveling internationally
Shaw Shank Redemption
Amazing Grace
Movie Munchie
Popcorn and Dr. Pepper
Movie Quote
Get busy living, or get busy dying.
"Although my memories fading, I remember two things very clearly. I'm a great sinner and Christ is a great savior. John Newton in Amazing Grace
Movie Type
Based on a real story
Musical Group
Third Day
All Sons and Daughters
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Poll Vault
Personal Hero
John Perkins, Civil Rights Activist
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
Caring and Authentic
He is always up for an adventure
"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." MLK Jr.
Now, every time I witness a strong person, I want to know; What dark did you conquer in your story? Mountains do not rise without earthquakes. Katherine MacKenett
The one I have a gift card for
Bien Trucha, Authentic Mexcian
BLT with Avacado
Potbelly's TKY
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. �¢?? Proverbs 3:5-6
John 10:10 The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but I have come to bring life, life to the full.
Shopping Store
Any Home Improvement Store
Always be humble and kind
Rise Up by Andra Day
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan
Sports Team
Chicago Bears
Chicago Bulls & Chicago Cubs
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Big Breakfast
Mexican and Thai food
Time of Day
Dusk in the summer
Saturday Morning Family Breakfast
Family Vacation
TV Show
The Office
Gilmore Girls
TV Show Character
Laura Braverman
Type of Music
Pop/Rock , Country in the summer
Vacation Spot
Washington Island, WI
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Video Game
Old School Tetris
Mario Bros.

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