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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Steven & Brittany

Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile and consider us as potential parents for your child. Growing our family is the most important thing to us at this stage of our lives and we can't wait to have a child to love and care for unconditionally. Being around children has always brought us so much joy and fulfillment and we can't wait to take the next steps to become parents!

About Us

Production Manager
Freelance Photographer
Bachelor's Degree in English/Journalism
Bachelor's Degree in Women's Studies
Legally Married

Family Dreams for this Child

Going for a Nature Walk

One of our favorite things we like to imagine is bringing a little one to visit our families in New England and for their first day at the beach. Picking them up and dipping their little toes in the ocean and the sand is something we're really looking forward to. Building their first sand castle, collecting seashells, and seeing 4th of July fireworks over the water are all things that we are excited to share.

The holidays are also something we can't wait to experience with a child. We envision having our big families around, decorating Christmas cookies, driving around to see the holiday lights in our neighborhoods with a thermos of hot cocoa, and doing "Yankee Swaps" beside the Christmas tree. We like to think about snuggling up in a cozy little "book nook" and reading stories at night to wind down and building forts out of blankets and pillows in the living room. Even "camping" overnight in one of our living room pillow forts with s'mores and flashlights would be a fun family activity! We can't wait to start our own family traditions like pancakes and French Toast on the weekends or trips to the park to play under the water fountain in the summertime. We know that there will be challenges, but we're ready for all of it. All the sleepless nights, tantrums, and runny noses will be worth it to be able to share our life with a child.

Our Leisure Time

Who Needs a Beach Chair?

We have a lot of varying interests between the two of us, but that always keeps things interesting! Steven especially loves sports so we like to go to games--especially basketball and baseball--and watch football on Sundays when fall rolls around. On football days, we like to spend time with friends and cook "game day" foods. It almost feels like we get a mini-holiday every weekend! Steven also loves to go fishing and play catch out in the yard and is looking forward to sharing these activities with a child! Brittany enjoys a lot of creative activities, especially music. She has played the piano since she was 5-years-old and still practices on her great-grandmother's piano that she grew up on. She also loves to sing and dance and looks forward to having little unplanned dance parties with a child. She also loves drawing, painting, writing, and photography. She can't wait to capture all the candid, wonderful moments of childhood through the eyes of a child!

Both Steven and Brittany love to read books and spend time almost every weekend poking around local bookstores. We want to foster a love of books early on and create little cozy spaces around the house to have story time with a child. We both enjoy writing as well and can picture writing little stories for him/her. We also both love to explore nature and go on little hikes and nature walks. We'd love to see a child marvel at the big world around them!

Discussing Adoption

Nubble Lighthouse in Maine

We will be completely open and honest with an adopted child and speak respectfully about their journey into our lives. We plan on telling the child as early as we can so that it's just a normal part of their story. We will also use age-appropriate language and information.

Brittany is planning on making a "life book" for the child that shows the birth family (if that is something the birth mother is comfortable with) as well as their adoptive family. We want to have an open adoption so that the child never has to question their identity or where they came from. We especially want to emphasize the reason he/she was adopted was from a place of love on everyone's part.

We would also explain that there are all kinds of families in the world and that ours is just as real and "normal" as anyone else's. We would tell him/her that we wanted them very much and dreamed of the day that they would come into our lives. We would also tell him/her that their birth mother is such a blessing to us, because without her we wouldn't have the gift of being parents.



Going for a Quick Hike!
Going for a Quick Hike!
Planting Our Garden
Planting Our Garden
First Catch of the Day!
First Catch of the Day!
Flying a Drone
Flying a Drone
Making Easter Brunch!
Making Easter Brunch!
Celtics Game with Brit's Brother
Celtics Game with Brit's Brother
Checking on the Turkey
Checking on the Turkey
Cool Artwork
Cool Artwork
Dinner Before Dancing
Dinner Before Dancing
Ice Cream Pitstop
Ice Cream Pitstop
Newest Buddy in the Family
Newest Buddy in the Family
Playing Cards at Christmas
Playing Cards at Christmas
1 / 12
Going for a Quick Hike!
Going for a Quick Hike!
2 / 12
Planting Our Garden
Planting Our Garden
3 / 12
First Catch of the Day!
First Catch of the Day!
4 / 12
Flying a Drone
Flying a Drone
5 / 12
Making Easter Brunch!
Making Easter Brunch!
6 / 12
Celtics Game with Brit's Brother
Celtics Game with Brit's Brother
7 / 12
Checking on the Turkey
Checking on the Turkey
8 / 12
Cool Artwork
Cool Artwork
9 / 12
Dinner Before Dancing
Dinner Before Dancing
10 / 12
Ice Cream Pitstop
Ice Cream Pitstop
11 / 12
Newest Buddy in the Family
Newest Buddy in the Family
12 / 12
Playing Cards at Christmas
Playing Cards at Christmas

Our Extended Families

Lobster Night

We recently moved across the country, but we still remain close with both of our families. Steven has an older brother and younger twin sisters and Brittany has a younger brother and three step-brothers. Steven’s parents have been happily married for 30 years and while Brittany’s parents are divorced, they have lived next door to each other for the last 20 years so that they could remain as close as possible.

Mother's Day Brunch!

We love to celebrate holidays at Steven’s aunt’s house with his large extended family. We often do a "Yankee Swap" at Christmas and having big family meals at Easter. On Brittany’s side, the family gatherings happen at her dad’s and step-mother's house. All of our combined families are good friends and blend together nicely. Brittany's uncle loves to bring Portuguese food from her grandmother's heritage and her step-mom is a chef and loves to cook delicious food for every occasion. Steven and Brittany's families both love to play cards, board games, and take time to catch up. Steven's family has a house at Cape Cod that they have visited every summer since he was little. We go to the beach, go to flea markets, have seafood dinners, and play games. We can't wait for a little one to share this experience with! Both of our families are beyond excited for us as we begin the adoption journey, often checking in to see where we are in the process and eager to welcome a new little member to the group!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

As soon as we saw our house, we knew this was where we wanted to grow our family. We live in a one-story ranch in the rural countryside of Tennessee. It’s an open concept so we would be able to see a child playing wherever we are in the main living area. The house has three bedrooms and the baby’s room has two windows with a view of a pasture filled with cows and goats to look at. We’ve got a little over an acre of land and plenty of space for a child to play and explore the outdoors. We have a little garden that we like to tend to and hope to include a child in this activity as he/she gets older.

While we live in the country, we are also very close to many beautiful hiking trails, waterfalls, and swimming holes. There is also a little downtown area that we love to stroll down on the weekends featuring delicious restaurants, an old-fashioned ice cream and frappe shop, antique train museum, and a huge park with a playground and water fountains for the kids to play in when it’s hot outside.

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider us. Our names our Steven and Brittany. We recently moved from New Hampshire to rural Tennessee with our two cats, Charlie and Binx and are ready and excited to start a family! We've been together for 5 years and married for about two years. Steven is a production manager at a company that remanufactures car parts and Brittany is a freelance photographer.

We spent about a year trying to conceive before we realized there were medical obstacles preventing a pregnancy from happening naturally. After two surgeries, Brittany was told that the only way to conceive would be through IVF. For a while we considered this to be the next step, but we were never motivated to start the process. One day, by some stroke of luck, we saw a short video about a couple who adopted a baby and Brittany immediately burst into happy tears. For the first time in over a year, we felt hope and excitement and just knew that this was how we were meant to grow our family. Soon after this moment, we put all of our energy towards the adoption process and we’ve never looked back!

When we think about having a child, we imagine all the wonderful experiences we want to provide him/her with. We both love to be outside exploring nature and can’t wait to view these experiences through a child’s eyes. We like to imagine a future child playing in a sandbox in the backyard and running through the sprinkler in the summertime like we did as kids. We also can’t wait to share all of our family traditions with a child. Big holiday celebrations with our families, trips to Cape Cod and Florida in the summer, and going to ball games and outdoor music festivals are all things we can’t wait to share with a child.

We hope to instill our values in a child while also giving them the freedom to make up their own mind and explore their own passions. We both value education both inside and outside of school and want to give a child an environment and experiences that ignites their curiosity. We are both big readers so we plan to read a lot of books to a child as they grow up. We also want to teach them kindness, patience, and compassion by example so that they grow up to be loving and caring teenagers and adults.

If chosen to be your child’s adopted parents, we would be happy to keep in touch through emails, photos, letters, and at least one visit within the first five years of the child’s life, as long as that’s something you are comfortable with. We understand that over time communication may be more or less frequent and we are prepared for that. We feel it is so important for the child to know their whole story and to know that the choice to adopt came out of a place of love from everyone involved. We want to be able to support you and the child as much as we can during this time and throughout his/her life.

We know this all must be a lot to take in, and we can’t even begin to imagine what you must be going through. This must be such a hard decision to make and we respect you so much for even considering adoption. Knowing what is best for your life and the life of your baby is a lot to think about, and not being able to predict the future is a scary thing. But whatever you choose is what's meant to be in the end. And if you do decide to make an adoption plan, we would be so honored if you would considered us. You are creating a person and that is such a wonderful gift to the world, and you should be celebrated and thanked for that. No matter what you choose, thank you for being so brave and for taking the time to learn more about us.


Steven & Brittany


Larry David/Jason Bateman
John Cusack
Jennifer Lawrence
Winona Ryder
Harlan Coben
Alice Hoffman
Harry Potter
The Rules of Magic
Candy Bar
Hey Arnold!
Childhood Memory
Playing sports with friends
Big backyard BBQs at my grandmother's house
Childhood Toy
Super Nintendo
Hot Wheels Tricycle
Children's Book
The Sneetches
Litte Bear
Classic Movie
The Breakfast Club
"Thelma and Louise"
Day of Week
Chocolate lava cake
Disney Movie
Lion King
Toy Story
Dream Car
1970 Chevelle
Dream Job
ESPN reporter
Book author
Dream Vacation
Visit the Azores, Portugal to see where my grandmother's family came from
Family Activity
Board games
Playing board games
Flower / Plant
Native American Blanket Flower
Form of Exercise
Yard work
Playing piano/singing
Holiday Song
Christmas Shoes
Holiday Road
Holiday Tradition
Yankee Swap
"Pie Thanksgiving" everyone brings a pie to my aunt's house the morning of Thanksgiving for breakfast
Ice Cream
Cotton candy
Java chip
Junk Food
Sour cream and onion chips
Chocolate chip cookies
Leisure Activity
Athlon Sports Preview
"Flow"/Bon Appetit
Memory with a Child
Used to play basketball with a younger kid that lived down the street
The evolving secret handshake I have with my god-daughter that gets longer with each visit
Memory with Spouse
Getting engaged in Maine on top of a mountain
We went on a sunset canoe ride for one of our first dates and listened to music
The Departed
Wayne's World--still cracks me up
Movie Munchie
Buncha Crunch or Junior Mints
Movie Quote
"Attitude reflects leadership."--Remember the Titans
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Ferris Bueller
Movie Type
The Sound of Music
Musical Group
Brett Dennen
Creedance Clearwater Revival/The Velvet Underground
Nursery Rhyme
Ring-around-the Rosie
Five Little Speckled Frogs
Olympic Event
200 Meter Dash
Figure Skating
Personal Hero
Tom Brady
Dolly Parton
Death of a Salesman
Robert Frost
Audre Lorde
Quality about my Spouse
Sense of humor and sense of adventure
Kind, supportive, and writes me heartfelt letters for every special occasion
"We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public."
"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory"--Dr. Seuss
Longhorn Steakhouse
Olive Garden
Italian Sub
Caprese Sandwich
David and Goliath
"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure" --Hebrews 6:19
Shopping Store
Hobby Lobby/Michaels
Old Time Rock 'n Roll
"Oh! Sweet Nothing" The Velvet Underground
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Tom Brady
Abby Wambach
Sports Team
New England Patriots/Boston Celtics
Boston Celtics
Subject in School
Jazz Band
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
My family's pasta with sausage and meatball recipe
French Toast
Time of Day
A little before sunset
Football and game day food on Sundays
Watching "When Harry Met Sally" while preparing Thanksgiving dinner
TV Show
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Game of Thrones/Seinfeld
TV Show Character
George Costanza
Arya Stark from Game of Thrones
Type of Music
Classic Rock or Motown/Soul
Vacation Spot
Cape Cod
Cape Cod
Video Game
NHL Live
Guitar Hero/Mario Kart

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