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Clarence & Megan

As a couple who have been personally adopted as children, there was no question that we wanted to become parents through adoption. Our unique stories were intricately designed with a blend of experiences and diversity that prove that you do not have to be blood related to be family. We are so excited to expand that family further with a special child!

About Us

Catering Assistant
Nurse Practitioner
Some College - African American History
Master's Degree - Nurse Practitioner
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Mother's Day Lunch With Megan's Mom

Adoption is very common in our families with several adoption stories on both sides. Megan was adopted as an infant. When Megan was a toddler she began asking what it was like when she was in her mom's belly. Her mother explained that while she didn't grow in her belly, she grew in her heart. They explained how her birth mother selflessly chose them to raise Megan since she did not have the proper support and resources at the time. Growing up Megan knew her birth parents' and siblings names, but did not have contact with them until she was 18. Since then, they continue to visit a few times per year and keep in touch over social media. Megan always says adoption is the best thing she could have ever received. She has always had a respect and love towards her biological parents for choosing adoption because now she is able to have two families and double the love!

Due to some family instability, Clarence was fostered by various family members from age 8 and then adopted by his grandmother as a teenager. He had a different experience of adoption since he was placed as an older child, but we ultimately have the same respect and admiration of the adoption process. We both understand what it is like to love other family members just as much as your natural parents.

Our Promise to You

A Weekend in South Carolina

Our promise to you is to love this child as our own. "Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices in the truth. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance." 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. To us this verse applies to all relationships, including those between parent and child. We will be patient and speak kind words using positive reinforcement. We will love our child for who they are and for what their individual purpose is instead of pushing certain activities or career paths. We will forgive unconditionally. We will stand up for justice and equality no matter what their race or ethnic background. We will never give up and be there for support in every circumstance. As we join families, these things are also extended to you. We promise to uphold our contact agreement as mutually decided and continue to respect and pray for you. You will be held in the highest regard by this child and family.

Cultural Diversity

Being in an interracial marriage teaches you a lot about cultural diversity. We could both tell you of the numerous races and ethnicities represented in our family and friendships. While that is important, we believe true diversity and awareness is more than listing the variety of people that you know. We have personally learned that just because someone has a few diverse friends does not mean they are free of subconscious prejudiced beliefs. Furthermore, as diverse as we thought we were before entering our relationship, together we recognized and overcame previous blind biases and learned to acknowledge privilege by being honest with ourselves and each other. Too many people think that if they are not seeing or experiencing something the same way that it isn't a true problem for someone else. We feel it is so important to listen and support the feelings and experiences of those of a different race or ethnicity. This is the first step to striving for equality for all races and cultures. We try to apply this to all our relationships and will do the same for our child whatever their heritage. As parents it is our responsibility to give them all the resources and connections to embrace their background as much as they choose. Our home has both Caucasian and African American culture and we will enthusiastically celebrate any other cultural background that our child may have.



Having Fun at Megan's Cousin's Wedding in Maine
Having Fun at Megan's Cousin's Wedding in Maine
Cheering on the Miami Heat
Cheering on the Miami Heat
Game Night
Game Night
Smiles With Our Nephew
Smiles With Our Nephew
We Love the Beach!
We Love the Beach!
UP Photoshoot - Disney is an Important  Part of Our Lives!
UP Photoshoot - Disney is an Important Part of Our Lives!
Braves Game With Our Nephew
Braves Game With Our Nephew
Atlanta Carnival Paint & Powder Fest
Atlanta Carnival Paint & Powder Fest
Racing With Our Nephew at Dave & Busters
Racing With Our Nephew at Dave & Busters
By the Local Lake
By the Local Lake
Enjoying the Rare Snow in Georgia
Enjoying the Rare Snow in Georgia
San Diego La Jolla Beach
San Diego La Jolla Beach
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Having Fun at Megan's Cousin's Wedding in Maine
Having Fun at Megan's Cousin's Wedding in Maine
2 / 12
Cheering on the Miami Heat
Cheering on the Miami Heat
3 / 12
Game Night
Game Night
4 / 12
Smiles With Our Nephew
Smiles With Our Nephew
5 / 12
We Love the Beach!
We Love the Beach!
6 / 12
UP Photoshoot - Disney is an Important  Part of Our Lives!
UP Photoshoot - Disney is an Important Part of Our Lives!
7 / 12
Braves Game With Our Nephew
Braves Game With Our Nephew
8 / 12
Atlanta Carnival Paint & Powder Fest
Atlanta Carnival Paint & Powder Fest
9 / 12
Racing With Our Nephew at Dave & Busters
Racing With Our Nephew at Dave & Busters
10 / 12
By the Local Lake
By the Local Lake
11 / 12
Enjoying the Rare Snow in Georgia
Enjoying the Rare Snow in Georgia
12 / 12
San Diego La Jolla Beach
San Diego La Jolla Beach

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We just moved to a larger home in the suburbs to be closer to Megan's parents. It is in a big subdivision known for the best trick or treating in town!

The county has excellent school systems with good extracurricular programs like music and sports. We are near a lake with walking trails and are close to shops and restaurants.

Since we are only 20 minutes from Atlanta, there are unending events and attractions to go to. We share mutual interest in history so our favorite places are the Atlanta History Center and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. Metro Atlanta is very diverse which is important to us as an interracial couple. We enjoy all the different cuisines and love going to the multiple parks nearby with our dog, Thor. The Atlanta Zoo, Georgia Aquarium and Fernbank Museum are fun places we can't wait to introduce a child to. We love to go to DragonCon where we can dress up and see characters from all sorts of movies and shows, and enjoy other music and art festivals that are hosted here annually.

Our Extended Families

Our Big, Diverse Family

Megan's parents, Cathy and Kevin, live nearby on a large ranch with lots of land and a creek to play in. We spend time together as a family at least once per week, either having Sunday brunch or enjoying baseball games with Braves season tickets. We spend most holidays together with a large Christmas Eve attending the candle-lit church service, making Christmas cookies, opening presents, and watching movies at their house. The majority of Megan's extended family lives in rural Indiana, where they all live within 5 miles of each other, so when we visit we see everybody. Megan's side is described as loving and humorous, we are always laughing!

Clarence & His Mom

Clarence has the larger family who reside in both Georgia and South Carolina. We have cookouts and watch sports with several cousins and family friends here often. It is a short drive to Columbia, where we take a few short trips yearly to see his mother, sisters, and over 30 nieces/nephews. We are united by our love for the South Carolina Gamecocks and spend time around the dinner table with delicious Southern home cooked meals. The four boys seen in some of our photos are our great-nephews whom we fostered for a few months recently while our niece was making positive changes. Family is so important to us and we are blessed to have a mix of races and biracial members on both sides. They are all ecstatic about our adoption plan!

From Us to You


Thank you for taking the time to view our profile as you are deciding what is best for your child. We endlessly respect your love and bravery. It has been a fun, introspective task trying to combine all of our life experiences and who we are into this space. We hope we offered a beautiful snapshot into our lives and possibilities your child may be part of.

We have been together for three years, and married for one. We realize that is not the longest time, but think it is hard to find two people as compatible and committed as we are. Before entering our marriage we ensured that we have the same world view on ethics, spirituality, politics, relationships, and parenting. We do everything as a team and are each other's biggest fan. We were filled with joy to find that we were pregnant right after our wedding. That twinkle in our eyes stopped with our baby's heartbeat at the end of the first trimester when we miscarried. We had both expressed desire to adopt when we were dating and decided this was how we should expand our family. Since then, the hopeful glow and excitement of a coming child has reappeared. We cannot wait to be parents and are ecstatic and humbled by this opportunity.

We are known by family and friends as the Disney couple. We got married at Disney World, have Disney sing-alongs, see every new movie in our matching Disney shirts and have a collection of special toys and collectibles. To us Disney represents family, friends, and love. It is this magical spirit of imagination and making dreams come true. The only thing missing is a child to share this with. This child will be our greatest adventure, our biggest treasure, and cherished by both us and our families. We agree that the most important value as a family is spending time together. At the end of our lives, people will not remember how much money you made or what possessions you had. They will remember the time you spent with them and how you made them feel. We are lucky to have flexible work schedules to accommodate this. In this fast-paced world of technology, we promise to always be truly present with this child. We will always provide, but we will prioritize creating experiences together.

We believe we will be unique adoptive parents because not many adopted children have two parents that were also adopted. Megan especially, being placed as an infant, will be a great person to connect with as this child learns more about their story. We love the idea of a semi- to open adoption because Megan remembers having questions growing up about what her family looked like and who they were. After she connected with her biological family at 18, she felt more complete knowing where she came from and learning of the similarities between her and other family members. We understand that our child's relationship with us will not be hindered by knowing about or having a relationship with you, and recognize the benefits that more open adoptions allow. We are more than willing to keep in contact with mail, calls, social media or even visits if your adoption plan encompasses these. We know that we both wish to do what is best for this child, and can respect any privacy you may desire at times. Your child will always know that you chose adoption because of your love for them.

We hope by learning more about us we have helped to bring you more peace with your decision. We realize adoption involves a rollercoaster of emotions and is a journey we hope to take together. We would be honored to be chosen by you and hope to surpass your expectations and dreams for your child. Please feel free to talk or meet with us to learn more about each other. We thank you again for your consideration.

With love and prayerful anticipation,

Clarence & Megan


Denzel Washington
Leonardo DiCaprio
Angela Bassett
James Patterson
Michelle Moran
Art of War
Candy Bar
Almond Joy
Alvin & The Chipmunks
Childhood Memory
Watching the 49ers beat the Denver Broncos in Superbowl 1990
going to rock concerts with my dad, getting kissed by Steven Tyler!
Childhood Toy
Hess Truck
Beethoven stuffed animal
Children's Book
Encyclopedia Brown series
Grover's There's a Monster at the End of This Book
San Diego
New York City
Classic Movie
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Day of Week
Ice Cream
Disney Movie
Emperor's New Groove
Beauty & The Beast
Dream Car
Kitty from Nightrider
Dream Job
Football Analyst
Dream Vacation
Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii
Family Activity
Playing Uno
Disney Monopoly
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Hula Hooping
Recording Music
Holiday Song
Frosty the Snowman
O Holy Night
Holiday Tradition
Eating home cooked meals
Making Christmas cookies with my mom
Ice Cream
Cookies N Cream
Cookie Dough
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Bingewatching Netflix
Listening to Music
Rolling Stone
Memory with a Child
babysitting all my nieces and nephews
Taking our nephews to the Zoo, Aquarium and Civil Rights Center in Atlanta
Memory with Spouse
Getting married at Disneyworld
Wedding night dinner at the Beauty & The Beast Be Our Guest Restaurant
The Greatest Showman
Movie Munchie
Caramel/Cheddar Popcorn
Movie Quote
"Put your behind in your past." -Lion King
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all." -Mulan
Movie Type
The Greatest Showman
The Greatest Showman
Musical Group
Jackson 5
Nursery Rhyme
Jack and Jill
Humpty Dumpty
Olympic Event
Hundred Meter Race
Personal Hero
Rosa Parks
My dad
Raisin in the Sun
Langston Hughes
Quality about my Spouse
"Don't judge a man by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character" -Martin Luther King
"You were born an original, don't die a copy." -Unknown
Bahama Breeze
Turkey BLT
Ham & Cheese
Philipians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Psalm 139:13-18 "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you for I am fearfully & wonderfully made. How precious are your thoughts about me. If I were to count them they would outnumber the grains of sand."
Shopping Store
Box Lunch
Man in the Mirror
This is Me (from the Greatest Showman)
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Jerry Rice
Ronald Acuna Jr.
Sports Team
USC Gamecocks
Atlanta Braves
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Fried Chicken
Time of Day
Cookouts on holidays
Christmas Eve dinner and presents at my parents house
TV Show
Game of Thrones
TV Show Character
Dragon Fly Jones
Type of Music
Hip Hop
Vacation Spot
San Diego
Rome, Italy
Video Game
Madden NFL

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